7 Steps to convert your rag-tag clothes shop into a modern showroom

    “If you want to sell something, make it look good”.

    This is the mantra of modern marketing. From small toys to big fancy cars, if it doesn’t please the eye, it won’t be sold. Marketing is modernising day by day. Now, it’s not limited to just the product, but the surroundings also. Where you’re selling it, who is selling it, how they’re selling it, everything matters! If your client likes the surrounding and atmosphere, it’s more likely that he’ll like the product as well.

    Following are seven steps which will help you convert your rag-tag clothes shop into a modern showroom and make your sales go up:

    1. Space Utilization

    Make your shop look spacious. Your clothing should be on the walls, and the central area should be kept as free as possible. This will give your customer the freedom to roam while he tries a new shirt. This hack will make your shop look bigger.

    The shelves on the walls should be eye-catching and shouldn’t be empty. Fill it with nicely folded clothes and arrange them according to their design and colour. Remember, fill it; don’t stuff it. You want to show that you have quite a variety. Stuffing one shirt on another would show you don’t have enough space.

    2. Mirror

    People love seeing themselves in the mirror. It’s the one front where you shouldn’t compromise with the quality. These days there are different types of mirrors available for the different purpose. For instance, the gym mirrors are designed to make you look bulky (now you know why your 18’ bicep shrinks to 16’ at home). Buy a mirror specifically designed for clothing shops. It would make your customer look lean and tall. The shirt or the trouser would get the credit for this, and you would get a happy customer.

    3. Lighting

    Fashion Showroom Shopping

    People don’t focus on lighting, but this is one of the most important areas when it comes to a clothing shop. Use good quality lighting which would make a person look good. You know how amazingly phone filters work, keep that in mind when you give a contract to set up your lights.

    Using bright lights would not only make your shop look big, but your customers would also look good while they see themselves in the mirror trying your clothes.

    4. Staff

    Hire a staff who knows sales pitch well. They should look professional, should be well aware of the latest fashion and most importantly, should be people’s persons. Keep a dress-code with your logo printed on the shirt. This makes your shop look professional and gives a feeling of some important brand’s showroom.

    Remember the saying “The customer is God”? Okay, we might have made it up, but, train your staff to make customers feel like a Greek God or Goddess when they try out your clothes. Their only goal should be to give customers a happy visit.

    5. Trial Rooms

    There should be at least two trail rooms in your shop. Put a mirror on all the three sides and give plenty of hooks on the door to hold the clothes. Just because it’s a trial room doesn’t mean you should compromise with its quality. This is the space where a customer decides whether he should buy your product or not.

    The room should be bright, and mirrors should be of top-notch quality. If possible, make a little shelve to keep phones/wallets/purses. It’ll show that you care about your customers.

    6. Cashless

    If you haven’t already done it, it’s about time. Your shop should accept all major credit & debit cards. We know such transactions have extra charges, but you can always adjust the card fee in your product’s price. But never ask the customer to pay extra if they want to use the machine. In fact, you can do the opposite if you want to. Give a discount to customers who pay in cash.

    7. Clothing

    Clothing Shopping

    Now that you’re done with the supporting arrangement, time to focus on the product. Shelve clothes of latest trend only. Keep a variety; not everyone has the same taste. Your showroom, (after doing the things mentioned above, you can call it a showroom now), should please both the category of people, someone like SRK, who mostly wears blacks and people like Ranveer Singh, who wear anything and everything.

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    With all the things mentioned above, your showroom would have everything to attract the customer. When that happens, create a page of your showroom on Social Media and post your latest clothing, customer reviews, discount codes and related stuff to create a buzz about your new showroom. If it looks well, it will sell well.

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