7 Ways Exercise Makes You Look and Feel Younger

    Exercise isn’t all about losing weight or preparing yourself for next triathlon. It’s about how you feel confident about yourself. Regular exercise will always give you a glowing look and make you healthy.

    Everyone should make it a habit of visiting the gym regularly or workouts that will make you active and fit. You can also set up your own gym at home for working out regularly. But exercise is not only about building muscle or slimming down. It is far more beyond than that. Only when you regularly workout you will understand your body’s limits and learn to push them.

    Exercise will make you feel young and boost your confidence when you’re around people. Here are seven ways which will motivate you enough never to skip any gym sessions ever again.

    Exercise makes you alert and alive

    All the workouts that you do is an energy boost to the brain. It makes the body feel alive again after a hard working day. Not only that, it will relieve you from all the stress and give you a sense of well-being. When your body and mind are focused, automatically you will get a sense of belief in yourself which will keep pushing you forward in all format of life.

    Exercise slow aging

    Regular exercise helps you stave off chronic illnesses. It makes clothes fit you a lot better and build stronger muscles. But it doesn’t stop with that it makes you feel young again, no matter how many birthdays come and go. Exercise may not be able to change your chronological age, but it can improve your health to the point where you feel and look younger than before.

    Exercise can keep your skin glowing and smooth

    At McMaster University in Ontario, people between the age of 20 and 84 underwent a small test for their skin. The study found that people who were over 40 years old and exercised regularly had a better skin like people in their 20s and 30s.

    Exercise triggers hormones in the body that slow the process of aging in skin. But researchers from McMaster University admit they need more research to learn the changing process of skin composition.

    Exercise improves flexibility and posture

    Aging does not just make you inflexible but makes your joints and muscles stiff and leaving you with aches and pains. Systematic workouts, mainly stretching-oriented routines like Pilates and yoga can keep your body bendy and loose.

    Otherwise, you can perform cardio workouts according to your preference. You can boost flexibility by cooling down and warming up with foam roller exercise.

    Along with standard workouts, if you include strength training it can improve your body posture as you age. It can build bone and muscle health, especially in your spine and core. It will make you stand taller and improve your appearance even as time passes. Regularly working out makes you feel psychologically potent, which will naturally stop slouching and give you a straighter posture.

    Exercise uplifts your mood

    You’ve heard about runner’s high, which gives you a blissful feeling while exerting yourself through sweat-inducing cardio workouts. Jesse Pittsley, a Ph.D. president of American Society for Exercise Physiologists, says, this happens when runners experience euphoria, a feeling of being invincible, reduces a state of pain or discomfort.

    Exercise helps to reduce belly fat

    As you get into the middle age, the fat that uses to land on your legs and hips starts to increase in the stomach area too. Unlike other fat in the body, this visceral fat can increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes. But if you do regular cardio sessions, you can reduce the belly fat. A study at Duke University in 2011 found that more cardio workouts could help in inducing belly fat than strength training exercises.

    Exercise increases your metabolism

    Metabolism in your body slows down as you age, so it becomes hard for you to avoid creepage as the year passes. You can avoid this by doing regular workout sessions, which will help you to burn down more calories. It will keep your body steady and healthy.

    If you want to lose more calories, you can add in resistance training to your schedule at least for a few times in a week. Since working out with body weights or weights can only increase your body mass. Sternlicht said that “the more muscle you have, the higher your calories burn even after you stopped exercising.”


    Exercise is must do a thing in life because it makes you feel good and build up your confidence. There is nothing better than coming home after a long working day and working out for few minutes, will make you relaxed. Not only that, but you will also have good night sleep and feel fresh in the morning. Foraging quickly the reason is stress, and the only way to avoid stress is to do exercise regularly.

    Do any workout that suits your lifestyle. It is always better to be active rather than being lazy at home and not doing anything. Only when you start loving your body, you will be able to be confident about yourself. All these points mentioned here are real and proven, which can be practiced to make you feel young again. Remember to workout at least 30 minutes a day, so stay fit and healthy throughout your life.

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