Aham Brahmasmi – A Heart Warming and Profound Message from Wai Lana

Aham Brahmasmi is a lovely attempt to spread the yoga message – “That we are eternal beings and we never cease to exist”. The story glides through the journey of life, how people are subjected to the common fear of aging and death. The fear is gradually built on observing the different bodily symptoms viz. wrinkled skin and grey hair. Following this they are immersed in sadness and further it takes over their minds and heart. When you’re old, your children already have their own family and lives. Parents are often saddened by that fact they are now growing old.

In Wai Lana’s short film Alive Forever, she sings and inspires us not to worry about death and aging. The video shows that you don’t have to feel burdened and stressed with aging.

Including people from all walks of life make the video lively and practical. This makes the video more touching and connected to our lives. There are scenes in a work office, big city parks and cherry tree orchards. There, people from all ages struggling with the sadness and grief of life is going to end soon. After a while as Wai Lana sings the yoga message – people are jubilant of the fact, that they are eternal and ever-existing. They dance and rejoice to celebrate the profound truth and find easy to quit the fear of dying. They are successful is dealing with the unknown disturbance that had captured them till now.
The music video comes out successful in sharing the age old yoga wisdom of “Aham Brahmasmi” meaning “I am the eternal spiritual being, I am not my body, and I will not die when my body dies.” Basically, it means that even when your body crumbles, you still be alive.

You will live forever because you are eternal and ever-youthful. And this state of happiness can be achieved through the teachings of yoga which Wai Lana has always taught all of us and she has succeeded in her attempt in this sweet, warm music video.