How to Throw a Rose Tasting Moving In Party

Moving into a new house/apartment is always a perfect chance for celebration. Still, since housewarming parties date from a very distant past (there’s some evidence about them being organized in the 18th century), it seems the themes are completely worn out. Before you rush to despair, remember to stop and smell the roses, since there is one elegant theme that hasn’t yet had its five minutes of glory. Wine tasting is very popular, but if you focus only on rosé, you can both impress your guests and make your new home inviting and romantic.

Set the Mood with the Décor


Pink is the obvious choice for decorating the space, but the key is in not taking it too far. The wine is already pink, so think about adding this shade in details, while using some complementary color as the prevailing one. Fresh flowers (obviously roses) are the best choice for the tasting table, but in that case, don’t put a rosy tablecloth. Instead, opt for one of the classics: white, beige, blue, etc. You can further enhance the elegance with scented candles, string lights, grapes in bowls or vintage accessories.

Get to Know the Wines

You don’t have to be an expert to throw a rosé tasting party. Still, you should get some basic knowledge about the wine you will serve. The biggest misconception about rosé is that it’s a mixture of white and red wine. It’s made by allowing red wine grapes to be in contact with their juice for a short time, thus lending the product the pale pink hue. There are thousands of different rosés made from different types of grapes, so your options are practically limitless. However, it is thought that the finest varieties come from Spain and France. When choosing the wines, you should always take several categories like sweet, dry, fruity, floral and bubbly.

Keep It Cool


Different wines should be served at different temperatures, and although the red wine is best served cool or at room temperature, rosé should be served cold (50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit or 10 to 15 degrees Celsius). The best way to get it there is to put it in the fridge right after you buy it, or to keep in the freezer for about 30 minutes before serving. If you’re throwing a larger outdoor party, consider renting a coolroom. You can find an affordable coolroom for hire in Sydney, as well as in New York, since they’re a very popular way to cool a large amount of beverages and food.

Mix It Up

Rosé is a treat for taste buds by itself, but if you want to keep things young, fresh and edgy, you can make some delicious cocktails with this pink delight as the key ingredient – meaning that the sweet, tangy and vivacious taste of rosé should always stand out. You can combine it with raspberry flavored vodka, grapefruit juice, plain vodka, lemon juice, brandy, orange juice, rosewater or gin. Decorate the glasses with fruit pieces and never use ice cubes, because they can destroy the flavor. Instead, freeze some rosé cubes and use them to chill the cocktails.

Pair It Up with Food

Fine wine and great food – there’s no better combination to lead you into your life in a new home. There’s a whole philosophy about wine-food pairings, so make sure you are not taking too many risks. You should avoid overly spicy and salty foods, since they can ruin the taste of the wine. You can ask for suggestions in the local wine shop, but some sure choices are cheese (almost all kinds), olives, crackers, and, of course, dark chocolate.

Now all that is left is to play some good music (French chansons, Spanish passionate guitar songs, or Italian romantic melodies sound like a good idea), relax and enjoy the taste of pink in your new home.