6 Ways To Improve Dry Skin Under The Eyes

    Skin around the eyes, being thin and delicate, are susceptible to the slightest changes in environmental conditions. Worse, due to the lack of oil glands around these areas, adverse conditions can easily leave skin under the eyes dry, flaky and prone to developing signs of skin aging.                       

    6 main causes of dry skin under the eyes

    There are six top reasons why the dry skin under your eyes always leaves you feeling uncomfortable and concerned.  These reasons are as follows:

    1. Changing weather and climate conditions.

    The lack of oil glands under the eye area can easily leave it vulnerable to damage caused by changing weather patterns.  The skin is unable to compensate for the low moisture levels experienced under very dry or very cold weather conditions.

    2. Skin aging.

    As skin ages, the ability of skin cells to capture, hold and retain moisture becomes ineffective and inefficient.

    3. Product irritation.

    Harsh chemicals and skin irritating botanical ingredients found in skincare products or, any other product that gets into contact with your face like shampoos can potentially be irritating to skin under your eyes.

    4. Environmental stress.

    Dust, dirt, extreme heat, and pollution can all cause skin dryness.

    5. Lack of sufficient sleep.

    Not getting enough sleep causes enormous adverse effects to your entire body, not just your skin, but all generally cause your skin to dry and to age.

    6. Dehydration and symptoms of specific dermatological and medical conditions.

    Dry under eyes can also signal more serious conditions. See your doctor if you chronically experience dry under eyes.

    6 ways to solve your dry under eye skin problems

    There are six ways by which you can effectively prevent and reverse dry under eye skin issues:

    1. Sleep well and avoid chronic insufficient sleep or lack thereof.

    Help your body, including your skin, treat and re-energize itself.  Most cellular repair and rebuilding activities happen while you sleep so give your body the proper time and space to recover by getting enough sleep.

    2. Keep under eye area clean.

    Never sleep with makeup or other unnecessary skin products on.  Wash your face only with lukewarm water, not too hot and not too cold or your skin will dry out.  Tone to draw out excess dirt and oil from your pores.  Wash and tone face twice daily, no more and no less.

    3. Keep skin under eyes moisturized and protected.

    Skin moisturizer can work fine for the under eyes but, if you want a more specific formulation targeting your under eyes, reach for an eye cream like Age Escape.  Age Escape contains nourishing vitamins and protective antioxidants that support skin renewal and rejuvenation.  While you’re at it, and depending on your age and skin type, look for products that contain ingredients that can cause lasting results such as peptides, retinol, and alpha- or beta- hydroxy acids.  For your day time routine, make sure that your eye cream contains broad spectrum SPF 15 protection.

    4. Avoid products with harsh ingredients.

    Make it a habit to read the labels and ditch it immediately if there’s anything about a product that you do not quite understand.  It pays to know what you’re putting on your skin so pay attention.  Read up and educate yourself.  Get to know your skin better and determine your real skin needs because you can’t have it all or, you’ll irritate and cause damage to your skin even more.

    5. Avoid unprotected sun exposure.

    Stay in the shade if there isn’t any compelling reason for you to go out into the open.  Religiously apply gentle sunscreen to all exposed areas of your skin.

    6. Try some home remedies.

    Soothe and relax your tired eyes with cold cucumber or tomato slices. Roll a cotton ball wet with fresh lemon juice and honey over your dry under eyes to support exfoliation and skin cell turnover.


    Adhering to multiple solutions can dramatically improve the dry skin around your eyes.  It’s time to get on the go and try these 6 tips.

    Addie Davison
    Addie Davison
    Addie Davison, is a freelance writer from Newyork, New Jersey, USA.As she is very health conscious so she loves to write about heal. She is very hard-working and responsible. Her articles are very detail oriented and unique.

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