Forget trends – Here are 4 wellness rituals we’ll never quit

    -0Year to year, we see new wellness trends that seem to take the world by storm. Suddenly everyone’s doing something a certain way, convinced it’s the healthiest decision ever, just because it’s a current trend. Then, next year, people are just as obsessed with something else. After years of research and testing in the field, people are still convinced we haven’t cracked the code on the best wellness practices.

    Instead of getting wrapped up in whatever new trend you see online, notice that some stay with us even throughout the influx of new ideas. These are called wellness rituals, and they seem to be the only constant in the world of yearly changes. They basically are proof that we’ve cracked the wellness code and know exactly what we need to stay healthy and beautiful.

    Anyone who wants to improve their life, get healthier and understand wellness fully should implement these rituals into their lives and take care of their well-being the right way.

    1. Healthy snacks- check

    How you feed your body greatly influences the way it works and carries itself. The thing is, you really have no idea who to trust with food advice because it seems that each year brings a new nutritional expert to the scene. All these diets and fads do nothing but exhaust your organism, though. Short term diets give short term results and malnourish your body on the way.

    Instead, focus on eating regularly and healthily. That means you should have breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks each day. The three main courses are usually easy to come up with, as healthy recipes are widely available online. Snacks are usually where people fail to stick to their new nutritional habits. Healthy snacks should include fruits, veggies, and nuts.

    To avoid temptation, you should get rid of all the unhealthy snacks in your house. Fill it only with the things you’re supposed to be eating. Always have an apple, some rice cakes, or a few granola bars on you in case you get hungry. If you really start missing sugar, you can sneak in a little dark chocolate into your diet. This ritual is the hardest to stick to, but also the most important one. After a while of feeling energetic and more positive, you’ll have no problems, though.

    2. Sleep is a priority

    There’s no denying that sleep is important, but from now on, there should also be no argument about whether it’s the most important thing on your to-do list because it is. Without sleep, you won’t be able to function much longer. Your cognitive function won’t be on a high-functioning level, meaning that it will be harder to think, focus, and stay productive.

    As well as that, your body needs sleep to heal and process stress better. Without it, you’ll also be an easy target for viruses and bacteria as a lack of sleep lowers your immune system. Thus, this ritual is something each and every one of us needs to abide by.

    Ideally, you should get a quality eight hours of sleep every night. Regardless of how busy you are, when it’s bedtime, you should be in bed. Nothing is as important as your well-being, and you won’t suffer just because you let your body heal and rest. Naps aren’t a bad idea either, as they can kick start your system in the middle of the day when you most need an energy boost.

    If you’re having trouble setting your sleep schedule right, try going to bed one hour earlier each night. Eventually, you’ll get to your desired bedtime and you’ll be able to fall asleep without any issues. It’s all a matter of habit. Additionally, you can track your sleep through apps to find more ways you can improve it.

    3. Preventative care

    Smiling girl on beach

    We tend to treat illnesses only when we notice the symptoms. Up until then, we trust our body to take care of itself without giving it much help. The thing is, while we do this, a problem or illness could already be forming inside us. Without our care or help, our body simply won’t be strong enough to handle it. Thus, the ritual of preventative care is born. It dictates that you have to make a routine out of visiting medical professionals regularly.

    First of all, you’ll need to see the doctor for your annual physical. Tracking the changes on your body is extremely useful because it can let your doctor predict if there are any potential issues you should be worried about. As well as that, you’ll need to see the gynecologist or urologist once a year, too. These types of medical examinations may be uncomfortable, but they’re essential for your well-being. You can put up with it once a year for the sake of your health, after all.

    As far as the more frequent visits are concerned, you’ll need to pencil in the dentist into your schedule. Most of us avoid going to the dentist until we get a toothache and then suffer the pain of waiting and letting bacteria eat away at our smiles. If you’re a procrastinator, your first job will be to find a qualified expert like Oceanic Dental Lab and ask for advice on how to fix your smile. Whether it’s with crowns, bridges, or restorations, you’ll once again have the pearly whites you deserve. This time around, take care of them and don’t miss your scheduled dentist appointments.

    4. Track your water intake

    If you haven’t noticed, every year there’s a new trend regarding water intake and new ways you can drink water. From plain water to lemon to mint to vitamin water, it seems that the world is always surprised anew with the benefits of hydration. In truth, plain water with no additions is more than enough to keep you going and satisfy your body. The trick is to track how much you’re intaking.

    8 glasses a day are a myth, but that’s not to say that you won’t benefit from drinking them. Ideally, you should drink between 2l and 3l of water each day, especially when it’s hot outside. With our busy schedules and so many errands to run, it’s pretty easy to forget to drink water then wonder why you have such a headache or feel so queasy.

    One piece of advice is to always carry a bottle of water with you. That way, whenever you feel your mouth is dry or you’re too hot, you always have a drink with you. It’s also a very good way to avoid and forget drinking water because your bottle can always be in front of you to remind you of it. It’s best if you purchase a glass reusable bottle because it is the most eco-friendly, but higher-quality plastic bottles work too. Of course, you can also always install an app to remind you to drink water and help you track your intake throughout the day.


    There might not be a lot of wellness rituals out there but they’re all more than enough to keep you healthy and gorgeous. These key factors are the basis for improving your life and finally kicking those bad habits away. It might be hard to get used to them in the beginning, but soon enough you’ll wonder how you survived all these years without them.

    Most importantly, you won’t have a need to follow any other yearly trend that takes the world by storm every January. You’ll be confident enough in your wellness routine to know that there’s nothing out there that can beat it.

    Mianna Korben
    Mianna Korben
    Mianna Korben does the 9 to 5 like any other typical gal. But, when the clock strikes five she finds the most comfortable nook and starts writing about things she enjoys most. She writes about the things she is passionate about and tries to embrace daily in her lifestyle choices.

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