The Quick How-to Guide for Calisthenics Workout

    How to start calisthenics workout? How can it help you build strong and toned muscles without going to the gym or using the equipment? Calisthenics is a type of fitness program that uses only body weight and very fewer equipment.

    Calisthenics is a sport that uses your body’s natural movement like pulling, pushing and jumping to work out. Dips, squats, crunches, push-ups are a part of calisthenics workout. The biggest advantage of body weight training is that you can do it anywhere and at any time.

    It is one of the best strength training programs, which supports weight loss and even helps in bodybuilding. Therefore, if you are searching for a calisthenics workout routine, then this guide will be helpful.

    Calisthenics is there in the world for thousands of years, and it derives the name from the Greek word “kallos” meaning beauty and “sthenos” (meaning strength).

    If you have an interest in calisthenics, then we are sure that you have browsed some videos, but this article is going to tell why you need it and how to start calisthenics workout in the right way. It just not increases your strength or muscle size but also improves your overall health.

    How to Start Calisthenics Workout Tutorial

    You do not need any equipment to start calisthenics, and neither will you need to mess around with muscle-ups, human flags and front lever. What you need are the basics, such as –

    • Various types of pull-ups – This will help to strengthen your back and arms and secondary muscles like your abs or shoulders
    • Pushups – This is a form of exercise that will help to build strong chest and triceps and other secondary muscles such as your shoulders
    • Squats – It helps to grow the muscles of legs stronger
    • Various types of dips – This is one of the best workouts that helps to grow the muscles of the upper part of the body stronger
    • Exercises for abs – You will come across many abdominal exercises, which is a core part of the calisthenics.

    Step-by-Step Routine For Calisthenics Exercises

    Pushup to develop stronger muscles

    Pushup Workout

    We do pushups to strengthen from the core. It strengthens your shoulder and muscles as well. To perform pushups, do the following steps –

    • Suspend your body over the ground and give a support to your body on toes and palms. Lock the elbows and keep your hands, shoulder-width apart turned at a 45-degree angle. Your chin should be tucked in.
    • Lower your elbows until you touch the floor with your chest. Repeat this to allow a controlled movement
    • Slowly bring your body back up keeping the palms on the floor
    • Repeat the steps.

    This calisthenics exercise improves your strength by making the muscles grow stronger, it comes with many versions, and you can check them in the video below –

    Jumping jacks is an effective cardio workout

    Jumping Girl, Exercising, Calisthenics Workout

    To perform the jumping jacks, you need to follow some of the basic steps such as –

    • Keep the shoulder-width apart and position your arms by the side
    • Jump spreading your legs and along with that raise your hands, simultaneously raise your hands above the shoulders. Make sure that your palms touch each other
    • Jump again to this step and put your feet back to the normal position and bring it back to your sides

    To make this exercise effective, you need to wear ankle and wrist weights.

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    You need to do crunches to strengthen your abdominal muscles

    If you are reading this guide on how to start calisthenics workout, then you will know that crunches are an effective exercise form that falls in this program. To strengthen your abdominal muscles, you need to follow these steps –

    • Lie on a firm area on your back. Bend the two knees and settle the heels and balls of your feet on the ground
    • Put the arms across your chest and simultaneously put them straight in front of your head. The toes and heels should stay firmly on the ground
    • You need to lift the shoulder away from the ground and make sure that contract the muscles of your abdomen
    • Lift body halfway from the floor, stay in this position for a few seconds, and then bring your torso back to the ground.

    If you are a beginner, you can do ten reps of crunches and slowly increase the reps as you gain strength.

    To do inverted bodyweight exercise

    It is one of the best calisthenics workouts that is easier to do. You can do it between the transitioning times of pull-ups. You just need a strong table to start this exercise. This is how to do it –

    • Just lie below the table and put the chest above the table’s edge
    • Hold it with the hands and then pull your body up

    Burpees are a full body calisthenics workout

    To do a full body workout, you need to try burpees. Burpees is one of the effective calisthenics exercises that just requires your bodyweight. Follow these steps to do it correctly –

    • Settle the body in squat position and put the hands on the ground
    • Kick the feet back and follow a push-up position, do one push up and then bring the feet back to the squat position
    • Make leaps as high as possible and move back into push-up position


    Hope you have enjoyed the tutorial. We have tried to help you with all the basics that tell how to start calisthenics workout. No matter whether you are a beginner or a pro, this guide will effectively ensure that you have a full body workout with less equipment.

    This is important, as calisthenics exercises not only improve the muscles strength but also helps in weight loss, bodybuilding and overall health improvement without equipments.

    Therefore, unlike the harmful effect of gym machineries, calisthenics just uses your bodyweight to keep you fit. If you have any more suggestions or tips to share with us, please mention in the comment box below.

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    Helen Clark
    Helen Clark
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