Improve Your Fitness Level in 3 Easy Steps

    If there’s one thing I love about fitness, that must be the fact that there is always room for progress. In order to do that, you first need to know exactly what you want. Take your time and make some research. Take time to educate yourself about the fats, exercises and muscles. Once you do that and gather all the information, you are ready to step in the world of fitness. Here are 3 best tips on how to improve your fitness level.

    Know what you want and keep the routine

    You have to realize, this is a serious business. You have to change your bad habits in order to do your best and you also have to commit to it at least 95%. If you are not in fitness professionally, there’s no need to go to the gym every single day. You probably don’t know, but muscles grow while you are resting, not while you’re working out. While you are working out, tiny cracks appear in your muscle tissues, which gives them space to grow and become stronger – that’s how muscle inflammation happens. With that being said, here is an example of a weekly routine:

    • Monday – Back and shoulder exercises
    • Tuesday – Arm and chest exercises
    • Wednesday – Rest
    • Thursday – Leg day
    • Friday – Cardio and stomach exercises
    • Saturday – Rest
    • Sunday – Free weight exercises

    Diet matters

    Working out is 20% while diet is 80%. While you’re working out, you’re losing calories and water (over the sweat) not fat. By constantly being in a calorie deficit, you will lose fat. You will achieve a calorie deficit once you reduce or better stop consuming empty calories and more carbs than you need. This means that you should forget about sweets of any kind, alcohol and juices (unless they are natural, of course).
    When you fix your diet, you are ready for the level two, which includes fitness supplements. Now, let me tell you right away, FITNESS SUPPLEMENTS ARE NOT THE SAME AS STEROIDS! Supplements are things which help you achieve your goals easier, faster, tastier. They don’t make you look like Hulk or something and they don’t run through your veins and mess with your hormones. I’m sure you heard about proteins, right? If you haven’t, protein is a wonderful substance which our body needs in order to function and to grow muscles. Of course, a regular daily intake of proteins simply isn’t enough for your muscles to grow, so you need to help them a little bit by adding protein shakes to your meals. One spoon of protein powder per day has enough protein for your entire day needs, so imagine what incredible changes it can bring. If you want to gain muscle weight, take whey protein and if you are trying to lose weight, opt for isolate since it has minimum fat and calories and it consists of pure protein.

    Forget about the “gym myths”

    Oh, there are so many gym myths, I don’t know where to begin. I don’t even dare to imagine how many people are living their lives with these misconceptions, so let’s brake some of the most popular ones once and for all.

    Women shouldn’t be doing arm and back exercises because that is for guys only

    Girls, you shouldn’t be afraid of becoming one of those bulky Hulk Smash girls you are seeing on CrossFit competitions. The truth is they build their muscles with the help of testosterone injections. So, ladies, LIFT WEIGHTS! You will burn 10 times more calories than while doing weight-free exercises and you will have nice, feminine and toned muscles.

    You shouldn’t be eating after your workout

    Yes, you should. An hour after every single workout session, you should eat your brains out and fill your body with proteins and fibers it needs. Your body loses a ton of energy while you are working out, which needs to be compensated.

    While working out, you should drink tons of water

    This is partly true, actually. Of course, you need to stay hydrated, but not overhydrated. Basically, you shouldn’t drink 5 liters of water in an hour – nobody does that. Imagine what would happen to a houseplant if you did this to it every day. It would die the second day. Too much water causes hyponatremia (a disbalance between the amount of water and salt in organism), which is not good.

    If you want to lose fat, do cardio every day

    Correction: if you want your muscles to eat themselves, do cardio every day. Cardio is good if you keep it minimal – once or twice a week is perfectly enough.

    That would be it. Now take your gym bag, gym shoes and clothes, water bottle and shaker and head to the gym. Three months from now, your body will thank you.

    The Zigverve Team
    The Zigverve Team
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