Revealed: Secrets Of Cutting 500 Calories Everyday

One of the basic elements of any weight loss goal is to cut down on calories in order to lose weight. By simply cutting or burning 500 calories every day, you will drastically drop over 10 pounds in just five weeks. Here are some downright easy tweaks that can help you in getting into that envious bikini body, just in time for that awesome weekend by the beach next month.

1. Restless fidgeting

You might notice some people who are skinny and slim and yet extremely active or restless. That is exactly their secret. Just by moving about during the day while still doing your daily chores such as talking on the phone, tapping your feet and generally being active without relying too much on the couch can help you in losing over 350 calories each day.

2. Refrain from eating nuts

According to a research published by the Cornell University, it was seen that people tended to eat more from a large bowl of nuts and were especially unaware of the quantity they would eat, mainly in large social settings or gatherings. Although nuts have heart healthy fats, it must be remembered that they are also extremely high in calories. For example, a small portion of a handful of oil roasted mixed nuts contains over 180 calories while please servings or handfuls of similar nuts contained over 550 calories. If you eliminate eating nuts completely, you will save on over 500 calories every day. However if you still cannot resist the lure of chomping on nuts, opt for pistachios. Two small handfuls of pistachios contain just 160 calories and it is seen that shelling the nuts helps in slowing down the consumption.

3. Go for small helpings

Think small when eating. Even if you cannot overcome the strong urge of indulging in your favourite full fat flavoured ice cream, opt for the smallest portion or serving available and you will be able to save as much as 560 calories with a 4 ounce size serving instead of your regular 12 ounce serving.

4. No, no to buttered popcorn

Corn in its simplest, popped form is a healthy and excellent snack that can not only fill you up but also offer good fibre. However, the kind of popcorn available at malls and movie theatres is anything but healthy. The large bag of buttered or caramelized popcorn available at the popcorn stand can set you back by over 1010 calories. Try smuggling in your own preparation, microwave popped at home, which will be over 95% fat free and save you more than 800 calories.

5. Eat before you eat

Try consuming a steaming mug of low-calorie soup prior to lunch or dinner and you will actually eat 150 calories less in each meal. For breakfast, opt for two portions of poached or boiled eggs that will help you in being full of through the entire day while getting you to consume 450 fewer calories throughout the rest of the day.

6. Ditch soda

If you are in the habit of consuming caffeinated or aerated drinks, it will help to know that a 12 ounce soft drink contains approximately 160 to 190 calories. If you mindlessly guzzle over three soda cans each day, which is triple the amount of calories and you will realise how much damage you are doing to your weight loss goals. The best way to quench your thirst is with simple and natural water that is not only hydrating but can also help you save over 550 calories.