5 Reasons playing golf can improve your life

If you are looking for something new to try in 2018, playing golf should be considered regardless of your age or gender. The sport is enjoyed by millions around the world and if you are lucky enough to live near a course, you should look to take advantage of their facilities in the near future.

Here are five great reasons to starting playing the sport today.


Golf Course
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Given the amount of walking involved around a golf course, the sport is perfect if you want to work on your fitness in a low-impact but effective way. Rather than running on a treadmill in a gym, enjoying a round of golf can be the perfect way to ensure you are participating in some cardiovascular activity as you can burn on average 1442 calories in a round of golf. Swinging the clubs will also help you to tone your arms so it is an excellent workout sport for a number of reasons.

Fresh Air

The beauty of playing golf is that you are outdoor and often around a spectacular bit of land away from the cities and pollution. This is a great opportunity to breathe in some fresh air for a few hours. Some sports mean you are stuck indoors for large periods of time, but golf is the complete opposite of that. As long as the weather is kind to you, you should relish the opportunity to spend some quality time outdoors.

New Locations

Playing Golf
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If you play golf regularly and you feel confident about trying new courses, the sport will be great incentive to travel to new locations. This may be domestically as you could make a trip to a different city or town, while if you have big plans, there is also the prospect of travelling abroad to see the delights of other countries. If you are really keen on watching some golf on your travels, there is also the option of seeing the best players in the world in action in the Major Championships. In April, the US Masters takes place at Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia. World number one Dustin Johnson is the 7/1 favorite in the golf betting for the tournament where the winner walks away with the prestigious Green Jacket.


Anybody who has played golf before will tell you what the feeling of satisfaction is like when you hit a good shot. More often than not, you know where the ball is going to go by the contact it makes with the blade of your club. It is a feeling golf players chase every time they play and it is the reason some will have lessons on trying to find the perfect golf swing. With more experience, you should see an improvement in your game – so if you are prepared to put in the hours, you will be rewarded.

Social Event

Golf is a fantastic opportunity to meet new friends and socialize with current pals. There are societies you can join so you can group up with other players. There is also then the ‘19th hole’ – which is the bar after your round. Golf players like to discuss how their round went and reminisce about their best shots on the course.

Good luck on the golf course and here’s to lots of birdies and eagles in your round!