TRX Basic workout – 5 Tips for beginners

    The TRX Suspension trainer offers a new set of resistance workout that is no doubt effective but confusing in the eyes of most beginners. Some find it intimidating knowing the US Navy SEAL built it, so they believe it is only suitable for military personnel. Knowing the right approach and things to avoid also causes confusion among beginners. And the list goes on and on.

    The most important thing is to find out the exact way to benefit from TRX workout. So before you grab that handle and start pulling those firm straps, here are five jaw-dropping TRX basic workout tips every beginner should have in mind.

    1. Know how the equipment works

    Understanding how the TRX trainer works and how you can modify your exercises to benefit from this training is vital. The TRX exercise is adaptable for all levels and individual irrespective of fitness level and age. It is also practically built for travel and lightweight which makes it different from some fitness gears.

    An understanding of the TRX equipment, how it works and what you are expected to do will help you reap enormous benefits from every training session. Also remember to improve your flexibility, balance, stability, and mobility to prevent injury from occurring while building strength.

    2. Complement your effort with a healthy diet

    One of the things you should know is that the TRX Suspension Trainer can help you burn excess fat and increase muscle. And you might achieve your weight loss target with this strength building tool in no time. But the thing is using the equipment alone might not help you lose weight. Even when you do, it won’t take long to regain the weight you had shed, especially if you don’t change your eating habit.

    If you want to lose weight and have the capacity to manage it afterward, go for a robust weight loss workout program which includes cardio, strength and a healthy diet. Pay more attention to HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training). And choose any resistance exercise that will help you sweat a lot and keep your heart rate up throughout the workout.

    3. Maintain constant tension in the straps

    Girl doing trx workoutThe TRX workouts are beneficial to every beginner, but one can only reap the benefit with proper execution of these exercises. One of the things that make the training intense and beneficial is that you don’t get to rest when exercising and the muscles are also always in use and active the whole time. You can achieve your toning goal with this workout because the core is on fire throughout. But there are things you should not neglect when performing or using the TRX Suspension Trainer for toning and strength.

    One of the things you should carefully take note of when exercising is the tension of the strap. You can only get the toning and strength benefits you seek when the tension load is high. That said make sure the tension on the belts is kept constant. If they are left to slack a bit, you won’t get any toning or strength benefit.

    4. Have your mind fixed on Quality

    When you are just getting started with the TRX exercise, you might want to perform as many rounds within a short time. But the number of times is not the most ultimate. What matters most is the quality of each rep you take. Simply put, quality is more important than quantity.

    Move at your convenient speed and pace. Do not try to copy what other professionals, who have been doing the workout for years, are doing. Work with intention and not try to speed up your movements. And make sure your grips on the handles of the straps are tight.

    5. Have fun

    Don’t make your TRX workout seem like you are punishing yourself. Make it fun and exciting. Get your alignments right and move at a speed that is comfortable for you.


    The TRX Suspension Trainer is one of the simplest but effective workout equipment. Everyone, irrespective of fitness level or age can benefit from it. The most important thing is to get your alignments right and follow the tips mentioned in this post. One of the things beginners should do is working at their speed. And have in mind that quality is better than quantity as far as the TRX workout is concerned.

    Andy Peters
    Andy Peters
    Andy Peters is a regular guy that loves exercising a lot. He loves the Navy SEAL workouts and decided to make the TRX workout his number one choice. He is Maggi’s husband, a father of three handsome boys and enjoys helping people at Thesishelpers . Andy is also a great hiker and a lover of country music.

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