Top 5 ways of finally getting off Suboxone with relapsing from cold turkey method

    Most people form a habit of taking Suboxone without realizing it. This drug becomes a replacement drug to help those addicted to codeine and oxycodone to get rid of withdrawal symptoms. The drug may block the signs of such opioids but cause tolerance on your body.

    There are many ways in which people choose to quit Suboxone tolerance. Those who prefer going cold turkey find it hard compared to using better Suboxone treatment. People who try this method may not know how severe its effects are while others assume that it is safe. Some fear the withdrawal process thus prefer to stay hooked to the drug for good. We will look at the effects of cold turkey method of quitting as opposed to medical detox to help you determine which is safer and what you should do to get better.

    Factors that may accelerate the symptoms of Suboxone while quitting cold turkey.

    Duration of use

    People who have been using Suboxone for years might suffer serious complications if they tried quitting the drug on their own. Unlike a one month user, taking the drug for an extended period makes your body dependent on the drug such that you can barely function without it. Most people use Suboxone to relieve pain caused by injuries. Withdrawing from the drug after a long time makes your system unable to minimize the pain since it is already used to it.

    Regular dosage

    Your doctor recommends taking Suboxone pills orally. 1-16 mg of an oral dose from a doctor should be taken with supervision. Using other methods of administration alters the normal functioning of the drug. If you inject the drug through your veins on a regular basis then try to withdraw without assistance from Suboxone Clinic, you may suffer worse symptoms.

    Your Physiology

    Studies show that each person may react differently to withdrawal symptoms of Suboxone. Your age, weight, as well as medical history with drugs, may make you suffer severe symptoms than someone else. Going cold turkey affects your nervous system making your body go into shock from not receiving its standard dose.

    Emotional status

    Avoid such methods if you have a history of anxiety and depression. Mental instability affects how your body fights withdrawal. The process requires you to be mentally prepared with no such feelings disrupting you. Cold turkey should, therefore, be out of the question in such a condition.

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    What are the effects of cold turkey withdrawal method?

    Scientists say that the half-life of Suboxone in your body is 37 hours. This should tell you that even after you quit the drug all of a sudden, it stays in your body for at least two days. The first few hours after quitting cold turkey may leave you feeling restless and cold.

    The timeline of withdrawal differs lasting for hours or weeks depending on your body. You may get too sweaty and nauseated within 72 hours of not using Suboxone. Getting agitated easily is also common among abusers who choose this method. The end of your first week may leave you with muscle aches and uncontrollable mood fluctuations. Depending on your immunity, you may experience dizziness which may lead to fainting.

    Your second week of the drug without assistance may leave you feeling depressed due to cravings for more Suboxone. This is what causes many users to go back to the drug when they can no longer control their urges.

    How do you taper off Suboxone safely?


    To break the chain of a rebound from the drug, you should seek better treatment options from a Suboxone rehab. The environment that you are in should be conducive for you to receive constant attention from nurses who attend to your withdrawal symptoms. A stress-free surrounding prevents interference with your treatment for you to control your urges. Receiving support as you interact with others in rehab keeps you strong preventing chances of relapsing.

    Consult a physician

    Doctor Consultation

    Let a physician guide you on the proper way to carry out detoxification.  Your doctor ensures that the original opiate dependence has been managed before you can start detoxing. A personal doctor who understands your history with drugs will help you withdraw safely. Your physician will recommend administering fewer doses of the drug by 20% instead of suddenly abstaining cold turkey way. This is important to help your brain slowly adjust to fewer doses without suffering a shock that causes worse severe symptoms. Pay attention to how you feel as you reduce the dosage. This helps you find the right dose that does not increase the side effects. A doctor may also recommend proper medication to control your heart rate and reduce muscle pain.


    Girl working out in park

    Suboxone tapering is effective when you combine it with physical activity. Stimulating your body as you workout at least once a day increases endorphins in your body. This keeps depressions symptoms away as you relax your body and mind. Buy a workout program and take lots of water during your session to help your body stay hydrated as you cleanse it off from harmful chemicals.


    Naturally, heal your body by replacing your craving for Suboxone with a healthy diet. Taking Suboxone depletes your body from crucial nutrients useful for normal functioning of your brain. Regain back the nutrients by choosing foods rich in proteins, vitamins, and carbohydrates to get enough energy for you to overcome withdrawal symptoms. This will also improve your sleep and transform your mood swings.

    Changing your lifestyle

    A poor lifestyle may have contributed to the excessive use of Suboxone. Change your routine of reducing every small inch of pain with Suboxone. In case your friends encourage you to inject the drug, replace them with people who support you to stay clean. 

    Final thoughts

    Being dependent on Suboxone can be frustrating due to the side effects that come with the drug. This should not, however, make you flush down Suboxone pills down the toilet without seeking medical help. In as much as you want to stay clean, cold turkey may make you suffer excessive pain. Break the cycle of relapse caused by cold turkey method and finally achieve your freedom from the bondage of drugs.

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