How to overcome brain fog and effective tips to improve your mental health

    If you’ve ever walked around in a haze, where you can’t seem to think as clearly or remember things, you’ve probably had a case of brain fog.

    Brain fog is thought to be a combination of imbalanced mind, body and emotional processes. Throwing all of it together has a way of throwing a clear mind into a mud pile. Too much stress and conditions that cause inflammation are common culprits for brain fog and poor mental health. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to reverse it.

    1. Yoga

    Yoga is often touted for its psychological and physical benefits. So, it makes a great deal of sense that it would be a wonderful tool to combat brain fog, too. Yoga helps reduce stress, a major cause of brain fog. Less stress is good for overall health, particularly when it comes to improving mental health.

    2. Diet

    Changing your diet is another way to battle brain fog. Suggestions for avoiding gluten and dairy are commonly recommended. However, many nutritionists also make a case for adding more fat to a diet while restricting carbohydrates. This is why you may hear that you can defeat brain fog with the help of keto products.

    The body produces ketones when carbohydrates are low. This helps convert fat reserves into energy while losing weight. It’s also an organic way to cleanse the body of toxins that make the mind sluggish, eliminate brain fog and encourage healthier states of mind. Keto products and diets encourage this process.

    Still, some suggest keeping carbs in the diet, but eating healthy carb-rich foods instead. Fruits such as apples and berries are a good source of healthy carbohydrates. On the vegetable end, try adding root veggies such as potatoes, carrots, and yams for a clean carb source.

    If you like meat as a protein source, try to keep it light. Heavier meats, such as beef, may contribute to brain fog if over consumed. Incorporating more chicken, pork, and fish into your diet might help to have a clearer mind. You might want to try adding a good multi-vitamin to your daily diet, too.

    3. Get a check-up

    One way to overcome brain fog is to go and pay a visit to the doctor. A standard check-up could route out the cause of your brain fog and subsequent ways to remedy it. Body inflammations are thought to be tied to brain fog and any swelling typically has a medical root.

    High blood sugar is another issue tied to brain fog. Your doctor could give you a routine test for diabetes or any other medical conditions that affect blood sugar levels. A physician might also recommend lifestyle changes or be able to prescribe medication that reduces brain fog.

    4. Get some rest

    Sleep deprivation can definitely give you a muddy mind. So, getting a handle on your sleeping habits is a must to get that mental clarity back. Sleep disorders are more prevalent than people know and could be a big reason that brain fog affects so many individuals. If you are having trouble getting an adequate amount of sleep, natural supplements like melatonin might help. It wouldn’t hurt to check in with your doctor is sleep issues are a constant problem.

    Overall, lifting brain fog is the key to improving mental health. Try using some of these tips to get back on track to thinking clearly and feeling better.

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