7 Quick Remedies to Get Rid of Diarrhea

    Overview and Symptoms

    One of the big issue which you might encounter when you are outside your house is having diarrhea. This condition will make you impossible to focus on other things you are working on. At that time, the only thing in mind will probably be the bathroom and sometimes bad luck can happen as the bathroom is not available or maybe broken.

    However, it is completely normal that you might experience diarrhea for once or twice in your life. Besides the embarrassment, there are also some quite tiring effects that you will go through after that. The most common symptoms will be weakness and dehydration as you will hit the bathroom many times in order to get the loose stools out. Other symptoms of diarrhea can be abdominal pain, bloating, nausea, fever as well as watery stools.


    The reason why you are having diarrhea can come from 3 main sources:

    Food Allergy

    It is the time when your body does not accept the foods that you bring in. The body then create a tendency of throwing those foods out as much and quick as possible and trigger diarrhea.

    Contaminated Water

    One of the most common factors that trigger diarrhea is foreign water. Sometimes, it does not need to be contaminated yet it still can trigger loose stools already.

    Intestinal Diseases

    The most popular intestinal diseases which people often suffer is Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS. This disease will definitely make you suffer from diarrhea rather often.

    You can take a look at these 7 quick tips from the natural home remedies for diarrhea in order to help you take care of diarrhea when you are outdoor and unable to control the situation.

    Diarrhea Quick Remedies


    The quickest remedies for how to get rid of diarrhea is lemon as it can significantly help ease the upset stomach as well as diarrhea. If the diarrhea is triggered by dehydration, lemon can help you cleanse the stomach efficiently, hydrate the body and stop the stools, thus relieve you from the discomfort.

    You need some fresh lemon juice together with water and a bit of salt and sugar for balancing the flavor. Then you consume this solution until the diarrhea stops.


    Because diarrhea makes you feel like you have never eaten anything and it will make you extremely weak, ginger will help you correct the digestive system as well as soothe the cramps in the abdomen.

    You just need to put some minced ginger into boiled water. After draining and cooling for 5 minutes, you can drink that water until you feel better.

    Fenugreek Seed

    With the brilliant mucilage fibre, fenugreek seed is highly recommended for how to get rid of diarrhea quick because it can bulk the stools and firm up the intestines, thus easing the discomfort from diarrhea. However, this seed should not be consumed by children and even adults shoud not consume over 2 teaspoons.

    The preparation is easy as you just need to put a teaspoon of this seed into some yogurt and eat it.

    Chamomile Tea

    The antispasmodic quality from chamomile is excellent at soothing the burning sensation in the stomach which is resulted from diarrhea. You can have chamomile tea for as much as 3 times per day in order to eliminate diarrhea quickly.

    You just need to make a nice cup of chamomile tea with some leaves of peppermint for adding fragrance and then sip it slowly.

    Apple Cider Vinegar

    This incredible ingredient is considered the top among the quick remedies for how to get rid of diarrhea as it can effectively soothe your large intestine or colon. Moreover, it can protect you from the damage of food poisoning, improve the strength of your immunity and enhance your digestion.

    You just need to add 2 teaspoons of this vinegar into some water and then consume for about 3 times per day.


    You cannot leave yogurt out of the quick home remedies for diarrhea because it contains remarkable positive bacteria called probiotic. Together with lactic acid, yogurt can kill off negative bacteria and improve the balance in your digestive tract.

    All you need to do is to have some unsweetened yogurt until the symptoms subside.


    Among the fruits of natural remedies for diarrhea, banana is highly regarded because it is easy to digest and even kids can use it too. The green banana can help bulk up the stools and cease the diarrhea efficiently.

    You just need to take one banana by itself or you can have it with the plain yogurt.

    Lily Allen
    Lily Allen
    Lily is a certified nutritionist from American Society for Nutrition. She has four-year college education in Exercise, Nutrition and Health and currently completing a Master’s degree in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology at Columbia University in the City of New York. After many years of helping people to improve their health as well as physiques, Lily is now working with a number of professional athletes and celebrities.

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