Top 5 food list makes your teeth better and strong

    Your oral health should be good if you want to be a healthy person as it impacts your overall health. You can be a healthy person when you have strong and better teeth. However, you need to take better care of your teeth in order to achieve both aesthetic and medical benefits. It is a known fact that daily brushing and flossing assist your teeth to remain strong. Hence, there are some foods that also help you in this regard. The purpose of writing this blog post is to let you know about these foods that have amazing effects on your teeth. We have made a list of top 5 foods that are healthy for you. Read on to know more!

    Tips For Healthy Teeth

    • Brush your teeth on regular basis.
    • Floss your teeth on regular basis.
    • Keep a regular checkup with your dentist.

    1. Tea

    Specific compounds named as Polyphenols are included in the green and black teas. These compounds help in slowing the growth of bacteria that is linked to the gum disease and cavities. Researchers have found the fact that individuals who rinse their mouth by using black tea are less prone to have plaque. If they use black tea to rinse their mouth for almost 8-10 times in a day for 1 minute each, then there are fewer chances that they get a plaque or any bacterial infection in their mouth. You may wonder how it happens with the black tea. It’s just because of the specific compounds found in it. Moreover, if you already have a plaque in your teeth then it helps in reducing the amount and intensity. The fact is proved by the research that was conducted by Wu and her colleagues in 2010 that black tea helps in fighting with bad breath.

    2. Raisins

    Another food that can stronger your teeth is known as raisins. It doesn’t hold sucrose but it is naturally sweet. When you use sugar, it helps the bacteria to grow and stick to your teeth, as well as it helps in producing plaque. On the other hand, when you use raisins, they kill the bacterial infection and helps you in getting rid of plaque. In addition to it, the food affects the bacterial growth that is linked to the gum disease.

    3. Crunchy Foods

    Usually, it is considered that if you eat crunchy foods then they may damage your teeth. In fact, this is a wrong concept. Researches have proved that the crunchy foods such as apples, carrots, and cucumbers are helpful to get rid of plaque. Furthermore, their properties help your teeth to become stronger. The process of chewing can be helpful as a cleansing mechanism as it may disturb your dental plaque. As a result, you get bacterial free mouth.

    4. Sugarless Bubble Gum

    Sugarless bubble gum comes with a number of benefits and helping in getting beautiful and White teeth is one of the most prominent benefits. Prevention of cavities, strengthening of enamel, and reducing tooth sensitivity are its main benefits. However, if you eat a stick of the sugarless bubble gum after eating, it initiates saliva secretion that assists in removal of bacteria. The bacteria work for creating the plaque, hence, bubble gum helps your teeth by removing that bacteria.

    5. Milk

    The benefits of milk are not hidden from anyone. This food ingredient is beneficial for us in a number of ways and we are listening to the fact from our childhood that milk helps in strengthening our bones and teeth and this is now proved by the researches. This is the reason that medical experts are focusing on the use of milk on daily basis. A research was conducted by Wu and her colleagues and it was originated that if you drink a glass of milk after eating dry or sweet fruit then it helps in lowering the levels of acid in your mouth. However, it is recommended to drink it solely instead of mixing in a cereal or any other food. If you have eaten a chocolate cake or any other sweet dessert, then you should drink a glass of milk afterward as it will be helpful for you in providing strength to your teeth.

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    We have done a clear research and provided you a list of top 5 foods that may assist you in whitening your teeth. In fact, lots of related foods are available but these are the top selected foods by the health experts and dentists. It is recommended to visit your dentist occasionally to know if your teeth have any problem or you are living your perfect life. Stay healthy!

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