Skin care regimen to make your skin look fabulous

    Having dry, sensitive skin is nothing out of the ordinary, but how we take care of such a skin marks the difference on how comfortable or uncomfortable we get in the skin. Getting a sore, red, or itchy skin is the results of the lack of care we give our skins. Excessively dry skins are difficult to manage as they tend to be painful and sensitive to any treatment. Creating a favorable skin treatment program for your skin such as stem cell-based products. Sticking to your routine gets a well-moisturized skin within no time. Here is a simple method that guides on how you take off your skin during the different times of the day, and a weekly routine.

    Morning techniques you ought to consider

    When you rise from your bed, wash your face with warm water to freshen up and get rid of your sleepy eyes. Warm water is essential in opening up your skin and clearing any dirt of accumulated bacteria. Next step is choosing a gentle moisturizer and a cleanser that favors your sensitive skin. Selecting a natural one is better as it poses no danger to your skin. Massage the cleaner into the wet skin and be keen to follow user guide instructions on the product. Remember to use warm water to cleanse the moisturizer from your skin.

    Use a skin toner on your skin as it helps soak in the moisturizer deeper into your skin, and avoid alcohol-based toners as they tend to be harsh. If your skin had developed some excessively dry skin patches, apply your cream of choice on such spots and cover up with a thin layer of moisturizer.  At this point, you can now use a sunscreen to prevent moisture loss or damage by UV rays of the sun. The cream is vital for keeping your sensitive skin hydrated for the day. If you have a soft spot for wearing foundations, settle for a tinted moisturizer or a mineral one suitable for dry skin. Just apply a thin layer for an extra cover-up of your moisturizer.

    What to do Within The Day

    During the mid-morning break, get some time to apply a thin layer of moisturizer used in the morning. If you have enough time, massage the moisturizer on your face and pay attention to dry patches on the skin. Nonetheless, if your skin feels hydrated, you can skin the mid-morning application.

    Within the day, take time to apply your lip balm to take care of your lips which should never get dry. If you are a fan of lipstick, apply your lip balm then use your lip gloss on top.

    Drinking enough water during the day is healthy not only for your skin but the entire body. Water is vital in dehydrating the whole body and keeping you in top shape. During lunchtime, avoid eating junk foods as they do not offer much help to your skin health. Eating a well-balanced diet, taking fruit salads, vegetable soups, a glass of yogurt or fruit should never miss in your meals.

    Before leaving the office for home, pop into the washroom and apply a thin layer of moisturizer or sun cream to keep your skin in good shape. Avoid overexposure of your skin to direct sunlight as it reverses all the work you have done on your skin. When choosing your sun cream and natural moisturizer products should be top on your choice list as they pose no danger to your skin.

    What to do Before Going To Bed

    1. When evening finally kicks in, the more rest you get, the better for your skin health. Eat a healthy meal that helps hydrate the skin and take a glass of milk, yogurt, and some juicy fruits.
    2. Next, wash your face with warm water before the use of a make-up remover that suits your sensitive skin. Abrasive skin products should never touch your skin as they tend to cause more harm to the skin.
    3. Use a gentle cleanser “one used in the morning,” and massage it gently before rinsing off with warm water.
    4. Apply your moisturizer at this point to ensure your skin is soaked during the night. It is essential you apply some 30 minutes before sleeping to give your skin some time to absorb the product and trap some moisture. Besides, pay particular attention to the drier areas to enable healing.
    5. Finally, ensure you get enough sleep as it prevents stress and escalation of other health concerns within the body.

    Weekly Treatment Techniques

    Skin exfoliation is a critical element in keeping a dry skin in check as it promotes blood circulation and removal of dead skin that blocks cells from proper functioning. For persons with dry skin, they choose their exfoliates wisely as some tend to be harsh further damaging the skin. Such, one should carefully select they exfoliate, agents, wisely and consider being very gentle to remove dead skin and dirt.

    Consider using facial masks once every week. For dry skins, consider the use of homemade facial masks as you can control the concentration levels of the mask. Use of natural ingredients such as bananas, milk, butter, honey, yogurt, and natural oils can be used to make a gentle cover.

    Toners – Consider use of a soft toner on your face to get rid of excess makeup. Alcohol-based products should never be used on dry skin as they tend to leave the skin more starved the vital moisture it needs.

    Serum – Nothing helps your skin get moisturized with the use of a stem cell-based serum. However, you need to get what works best for your skin to avoid harsh skin reactions. Take a few drops of the serum and apply it on your face at least once a week before for best results.

    Remember consistency on the above techniques will play a key role in the results you get. Besides, always use natural products on your skin.

    Jessica Mariya Jones
    Jessica Mariya Jones
    Jessica Jones is a beauty and health expert. She has dedicated her career to redefining the meaning of beauty and she likes to write on beauty and health care so that she can share useful information with the people. Jessica has established herself as the go-to Expert for all things in beauty and health. You can follow her on Thebeautyinsiders

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