How to Get Rid of Cellulite on Thighs

    Almost all women but almost none among men get cellulite.  Many argue that it could be because women have more fat than muscles while men have more muscles than fat.  Some say it is caused by the arrangement of skin fibers that are causing women to become more prone to cellulite.

    It is the unfair truth and, well, it leaves you to cope with dimpled and bumpy skin for the rest of your life.  Should you be slathering on a Bodishape Cellulite Cream?  Below are three ways by which you can get rid of cellulite once and for all!

    1. Targeted exercise

    Sure, it does sound like an age old remedy but, if bulging fats are what’s causing your wavy skin to show then, exercise should be a potent solution.  While exercise cannot tackle the tough fibers that pull down your skin and cause fats to be trapped, it certainly can keep the fats from growing bulkier.  A combination of cardio and strength training exercises lets you lose unwanted fats long after you’ve completed your workout, and develop more and leaner muscles that help alleviate more fat from forming.

    Below are five ways to help you burn the fats faster than most other exercises can:

    • Backward and sideways running. Running in these directions will not only force you to concentrate more but also, firm up muscles on the more uncommonly used regions of your buttocks, legs, thighs and feet.  This region is home to the largest muscle group in your body.  If you can grow this, you’ll be able to melt your unwanted fats faster.
    • Tabata Training. Do a series of shorter but more intense cardio workouts.  Whether training outdoors or in the gym, divide one minute into two sections — spend 30 seconds of intense workout routine then follow with a 30-second rest.  Repeat the sets at least three times.  You can do a rest and sprint routine. Other routines you can try are jogging in place in fours, caterpillar switches, jumping jacks or other similar exercises that can be performed with high intensity.
    • Side lying position leg lifts. Roll over to one side.  With your arms supporting your head, place the other hand on the leg that’s on top.  Raise this leg carefully as high as you can then bring down carefully without letting it touch the other leg. Do the routine for at least 15 repetitions.  Switch to the other leg and do the same.  Keep alternating to complete three sets for each leg.  When you’ve build enough strength and resistance, do double leg lifts on each side.
    • Frog bend. Lie down on a mat.  Raise your legs.  Let your feet touch each other on the sides of your heels but keep toes in a V-position.  Bend your knees outward.  Pull down both legs towards your chest then raise slowly.  Do this for three sets, 15 repetitions each.
    • Leg raises. Get down on your mat on all fours, arms and elbows straight, back straight and knees bent against the floor.  Raise your left leg upwards towards the ceiling without bending your knees.  Kick as high up as you can then bring your leg down slowly without touching the floor.  Repeat 15 times then switch to the other side.  Do 3 repetitions for both sides.

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    2. Exfoliate and apply your body firming lotion

    You have to find time to exfoliate those cellulite problem areas too.  The massaging action of an exfoliation helps improve microcirculation to support the growth of thicker skin while also keeping fluids from getting stuck.  Exfoliation helps your Bodishape Cellulite Cream better penetrate your skin.  It contains retinol that stimulates collagen production to help thicken skin, and caffeine which helps support healthier circulation.

    3. Get a procedure that gives your cellulite problems a permanent solution

    Ask your skincare specialist about procedures that can help eliminate the tough fibers, free up the trapped fats, and melt away and eliminate these from your body.  More specifically ask about three procedures approved by no less than the US Food and Drug Administration for cellulite reduction — BodyFX, Cellfina and Cellulaze.  The good news is that these procedures do not require you to go under the knife — minimal downtime, maximum impact!


    There’s a good chance you can lose those unwanted fats right now, all you got to do is fold in all three procedures listed above.  Cellulites aren’t going away unless you do something about these skin issues right now.

    Lisiana Carter
    Lisiana Carter
    Lisiana is a renowned independent researcher and is studying the impact of technology in the beauty industry. She is passionate about beauty, makeup, fashion and skincare industry. She holds a Ph.D. in beauty and thereby has been consistently sharing her experience by writing various articles related to makeup, beauty, fashion and skin care. She has been writing on beauty and skin care related topics from past 10 years.

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