7 Exercises To Tone Up Your Legs

If you’re saying no to the skirts and shorts, simply because you’re not content with how your thighs look, then it’s time you starting working them out. Believe me, it’s quite simple.

Thighs have the bulkiest of the muscles in our body. Thus, it becomes easier to lose the excess fat from thigh with the right kind of exercises, which neither are too exhaustive nor time consuming.

Here are the exercises you need:


Simplest, fastest, and cheapest exercise to shape your thighs.

Method: Stand straight with your legs spread apart about your shoulder’s width. Pull yourself down as if you were going to sit on a chair. Once your thighs become parallel to the ground, stop. Raise yourself back to the erect position again. You can do this twice a day, each time squatting for about 15-20 turns.

2Wide squatting

It is used to shape up the thigh’s inner muscles.

Method: Stand straight like squatting only a little wider than your shoulders. Pull yourself down until the knees are at a forty-five degrees angle. Keep your muscles taut in that position and stay at it for about five seconds. Stop and get back to the standing position. You can repeat this exercise for 10-15 times.


You can develop your quadriceps and gluteus muscles with lunges.

Method: Stand straight while keeping your feet joined. Take a step with the right leg while maintaining the back in an erect posture. Bend the knees to make right angle at the right knee. Maintain the posture for five seconds. Return to the original position. You can repeat the process up to ten counts on either side.

4Walking Lunges

This set of exercise is good to develop thighs, quadriceps and hamstrings.

Method: Stand erect in the beginning. Lunge ahead on one side. Make sure your knee doesn’t go beyond your toe. Use your back leg to revert back to the erect position.


This exercise works on the gluteus muscles, quadriceps and hamstrings in toning them.

Method: For this exercise you’ll have to use an exercise bench. Stand before the bench. Put the left foot over it. You can hold your arms by the side or in front of the chest while holding weights. Transfer the weight on this leg, while straightening it and stepping on the bench. You shouldn’t lock your leg. The right leg must remain behind and the foot cannot touch the bench. Hold this position for few seconds. Bend the left leg. Lightly touch the right leg on the floor, and immediately extend your left leg again. You should repeat it 15-20 times.

6Leg extensions

This exercise tones up the quadriceps. It is done with the use of leg extension equipment in the gyms.

Method: Decide you weights. You may take the help of your instructor to decide the suitable weight depending upon your body type. Use your quadriceps in extending the legs to fullest while exhaling. You must make sure that rest of your body remains stable and immobile through it. Keep the position for a second. Next, bring the leg back to its normal position while inhaling. Make sure you don’t bend more than 90 degrees. You can do this exercise in two sets, 10-15 times in each.

7Hamstring curl

As the name suggests this exercise is meant to tone the hamstrings.

Method: Lay on a yoga mat with your back facing up and feet joined together. As a beginner you can refrain from using weights, but at a later stage you may use ankle weights on each leg. Bend at your knees and bring your legs as close to the hips as possible. Hold the position for ten seconds. Bring the legs down without touching the ground. You can repeat the exercise for about twenty times.