5 Ways to Beat Snoring Without Medicines and Surgery

    Are you being deprived of sound sleep due to those sonorous nights of continuous snoring? Forced to sleep on your drawing-room couch for the sake of your partner? Then it’s high time you initiated measures for fighting this devil!

    Shedding those excess pounds can fetch relief

    Numerous studies have confirmed that overweight individuals belonging to various age groups, possess a greater tendency of snoring. The excess body weight can either lead to the onset of snoring, or aggravate the already existing problem. Overweight individuals tend to have deposits of fatty tissues in the neck area. These tissues often end up squeezing the respiratory pathways and compel the victim to breathe with more stress. As a result, it gives rise to a vibrating sound.

    The compression of the passages due to deposits of fat can severely interrupt the normal flow of air and worsen the snoring.  The moment you lose a few pounds by sticking to a proper diet and exercise regime, you will notice a remarkable difference in your frequency and intensity of snoring.

    Preparing your own saline nasal solution at home

    Did you know that your cold, congestion, allergic rhinitis or sinus infections could be responsible for your snoring? These conditions often lead to swelling of the inner linings of nasal membranes. Swelling causes vibration of your soft palate which gives rise to snoring. Preparing a simple nasal solution at home is completely free from side effects, and can reduce the inflammation to prevent snoring.

    • Just dissolve a bit of salt in half a cup of boiled water and store in a bottle.
    • Put 2 drops in each nostril with a dropper at bedtime for a few weeks and notice the difference.

    Performing a couple of simple exercises

    A few facial exercises on a daily basis can effectively work on the targeted muscles and gradually reduce your snoring. These exercises would help in strengthening your jaw muscles, as well as those in your throat and tongue, so that do not slip backwards when you fall asleep. With increasing age, your tissues tend to lose their original strength as well as elasticity. Regular exercises help in enhancing their functioning.

    • Practice protruding your lower jaw keeping your teeth exposed for a period of 10 seconds. Try to perform this several times in a day.
    • Outstretch your tongue as much as you can while keeping it straight. Then move it to either side, brushing the edges of your lips. Do this a couple of times every day and ensure that your tongue remains straight.

    When you retire to bed at night, adjust the pillows in a suitable manner so that your head is slightly elevated for facilitating easier breathing. Make it to point to sleep on your sides because lying on your back can trigger snoring.

    Tapping the healing properties of thyme oil

    Thyme oil is an age-old remedy for snoring due to its astonishing anti-viral, anti-parasitic and anti-fungal properties. To top it all, it has a profound calming effect and ensures quality sleep.

    • You can either add a few drops to your humidifier, or massage the bottom of your feet with it.
    • Unless you dilute it with any carrier oil, do not use more than 2 drops.
    • Pregnant women and those with hypertension should replace thyme with eucalyptus or peppermint oil.

    Moistening things up with a vaporizer or a humidifier

    Dryness can be one of the biggest culprits when it comes to snoring. Fortunately, there are a number of techniques for addressing this particular issue. Dry air is really harsh on your nasal membranes and throat, and leads to volumes of snoring. Getting a humidifier installed in your bedroom can moisten the passages of air, so that you can prevent the irritation of your membranes and breathe better. Adding a few drops of rosemary or peppermint oil to your humidifier would fetch great relief.

    Decongestants and anti-histamines prescribed by doctors can take care of your congestion, seasonal allergies and keep your nasal passages clear for alleviating snoring habits. You might also consider steam inhalation before going to sleep. Simply heat a bowl of water, cover your head with a towel, and bend over it and deeply breathe in the vapor for a couple of minutes.

    Danielle Ward
    Danielle Ward
    Dr. Danielle Ward is a Blogger by profession and love sharing my thoughts over health and wellness blogs so that people can live a healthy life

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