10 Awesome Yoga Sportswear Brands

Yoga-Pants When you are a serious yogi, then nothing can stop you from getting your yoga fix during any time of day. Going from being too lazy to walk up a flight of stairs to doing yoga almost every day, it is safe to say I am hooked on the meditative elements yoga has brought to my life.

These days, my yoga pants, rather than chocolate, are enough to get me excited for my day and ready to take on the forthcoming stress. I started small when it came to workout wear, I wore baggy trousers and a T-shirt at first but when I started feeling restricted to do certain poses because of my clothes, I knew I needed to find the right gear for the occasion.

Thankfully, the sportswear industry has created some incredibly beautiful yoga pieces. There are so many good sportswear brands that I love but the following I consider to be the ten most awesome yoga active wear brands out there.

Fire and Shine

Founded by a yoga teacher, Fire and Shine is an ethical brand as their garments are made in factories with workers being paid a living wage. From yoga wear to active wear and even loungewear, Fire and Shine is a great choice to buy consciously.



Offering demure, classic yoga wear as well as subtle prints, Yogasmoga combines sportswear with modern sleek designs. Curved edges and spaghetti straps, bright whites and a touch of camouflage, this brand of yoga wear must be put to the test.

Dharma bums

This eco-friendly company, which uses recycled paper for their stationery, packing and promotional material, offer dyed yoga wear for the yogi who loves wearing color. No harsh chemicals are used for the dyeing of their garments and the company works closely with their supply base to avoid excess stock.


From swimwear to capes, yoga pants and even jogger pants, at Lolë the colors are dark and bold. Rich blues and dark oranges make this yoga active wear brand one to wear beyond the doors of the yoga studio.

Hatha Clothing

Founded by a yoga and Pilates teacher, Hatha Clothing brings the bold, bright colors of Rio de Janeiro on all of its yoga clothing line. Another ethical brand – the company sources its production workers from Rio’s local community to help the families improve their quality of life.

ALO Yoga

Romantic silhouettes and pretty designs, ALO Yoga is the brand to go to if you love to channel your feminine side even when wearing clothes made for sport. Here you will find nude tones and soft greys; asymmetrical shapes and thin straps to help you create the prettiest yoga outfits.


Lily Lotus

From denim inspired yoga pants to dyed tank tops, with Lily Lotus you will channel a fun loving, laid back kind of style. More than the regular dyed active wear, Lily Lotus takes dyeing to a whole new level with active wear that looks like faded denim.

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This iconic brand has been dishing out stunning sportswear pieces for years. From prints to tonal colors, backless jumpers and the best yoga pants, Lululemon remains a relevant and must try brand in the sportswear industry.

Dragonfly Active

“Proud to be 100% sustainably Australian made,” Dragonfly Active bring comfortable yoga wear with an ethical stamp of approval. Using material that is 100% regenerated polyamide yarn, their green fabric can be found in sports bras, pants and more.


With sexy mesh and sleek, grey joggers; cosmos-inspired printed leggings and pieces inspired by timeless fashion, Zobha has created a brand that is sexy and comfortable.

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