5 Simple ways to manage diabetes better

    Diabetes can be overwhelming and after unwillingly embracing it in your life, probably the first thing that would come to mind is you missing all your favourite foods and all other food restrictions that you may have to face. You might have already started thinking that with diabetes life would never be the same again!

    Unlike this common notion, your life can be the same again and it’s all in your hands. Being diagnosed with diabetes is indeed a crushing feel and you might wonder ‘Why me?’.

    But, it’s not only you! There are millions of people who are happily living in spite of diabetes through a simple lifestyle that includes a healthy diet and regular physical activities. Nurture this positive thought that you too can live a regular life with diabetes. The key is being simple and here is how you can simplify your life!

    Diet in Check

    It’s simple! Eat food that keeps your blood glucose levels low and avoid the rest. This applies to all types of diabetes. Being diabetic-positive doesn’t mean that you have to stop enjoying all your favourite foods or meal but understand your body response better so that you can adjust your diet accordingly. Keeping your weight under control is important too and it could only be possible by structuring your diet that is low in glucose and cholesterol.

    Foods with high-starch levels such as bread, pasta and yogurt, and high-sodium foods such as canned drinks, canned vegetables and some cereals should be avoided. Talking about cereals, the ones with low Glycemic Index (GI) levels such as oatmeal, whole wheat flour and brown rice can be a part of your regular diet. Also, don’t forget to partner your diet with food supplements such as Berberine to help manage your sugar levels and receive other health benefits it provides.

    Weight in Check

    Reducing your weight is the key to keep the forfeits of diabetes at bay. Concentrate on weight-loss, especially on the fat that is around the belly which is the major reason behind your diabetes.

    One way to do it is keeping yourself away from the food that has high-glucose levels. Put a big full-stop to a sedentary lifestyle and keep yourself on your feet with sufficient physical activities that burn enough calories, every day.

    Medication in Check

    Adhering to the medication for a long run is as much important as the initial treatment itself. Your medications would have been prescribed based on your blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

    The diabetes course would be a combination of insulin or oral diabetes medication or sometimes both. You will be prescribed multiple drugs if your chances of getting cardiovascular diseases are high. Managing Diabetes is a long way and you need the proper support in the forms of active lifestyle and medications.

    ABC in Check

    ABC includes 3 kinds of diabetes tests such as A-1-C (average blood sugar levels for every 3 months), B (blood pressure levels) and C (Cholesterol levels). These tests can be conducted at home itself with the help of home healthcare providers.

    A-1-C is to measure your average blood sugar levels for every 3 months. It is different from the regular blood sugar levels test. Blood pressure is the force of blood against blood vessels. Checking your blood pressure on a regular basis helps you to control it. Cholesterol numbers should be on the check as excess levels of it form clogs in the blood vessels resulting in high blood pressure. Keeping an eye on blood pressure and cholesterol will help you in managing diabetes in a better sense.

    Positivity in Check

    Control your diabetes otherwise it controls you. Keep on thinking about diabetes and its complications only make it worse and lead to increased stress levels. Instead, accept the fact and think about the better ways to manage it will reduce the stress and closes the door for future health issues.

    And, a positive approach towards life could play a major role in managing diabetes. Of course, diet and medications are the keys to control diabetes but nurturing a positive attitude in life allows you to experience the brighter aspects to the fullest.

    Diabetes is a complex health condition and it could cause many other health complications. But, not without your support. By being active, taking control over what you eat and by being positive in life you can live a healthy and happy life in spite of diabetes.

    Thilak is the in-house content writer of Healthabove60, the Preferred Geriatric Home Healthcare service provider in Chennai. He mostly writes about health and elderly wellbeing.

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