Top 9 health benefits of kayaking

    Many of us are inspired by the sea, or you can say WATER, be it a flowing stream or a calm lake or a big deep ocean, water attracts you in its own way. There are so many water sports and activities by which we can enjoy ourselves in the sea or water stream. Kayaking, my favorite water sport, is a great exercise and gives you a low-to-the-water view of the sea, that you really feel yourself in the water or close to the water.

    This sport is best enjoyed in rivers, streams, rapids, and lakes. Kayaks are versatile watercraft that is light weighted and easy to transport.

    This water sport has a number of benefits that can greatly improve your overall health. Following are the top 5 kayaking health benefits:

    1. Mental health:

    Harvard Health Publications says that Aerobic exercise triggers the release of brain chemicals that can quickly improve your mood. If you’re fed up with the hectic routine, stressed out or depressed, paddling a kayak can provide a relaxing workout.

    2. Reduces Stress:

    Imagine spending a few hours under the open sky, close to the water, watching the color of blues and greens, isn’t it sounds so relaxing? Kayaking alone in a calm sea can give you this peace of mind and reduces stress

    3. Great Source of vitamin D:

    The time we spent kayaking outdoors, comes with a bonus advantage, that is, vitamin D intake. Boston University Medical Center professor Dr. Michael F. Holick, M.D., Ph.D., previously explained to Huff Post that the “sunshine vitamin” could be one of the toughest to get from foods, and many of us actually take in over 80% of it from sun-rays. So you can get your vitamins too, while kayaking.

    4. Weight loss and Body shape:

    Kayaking needs energy. Harvard Health Publications reports that in 30 minutes of kayaking burns 185-pound calories. This calorie burn is lower than many forms of exercise. Placing the paddle in the water and executing a good stroke is going to incorporate every muscle in the upper body. Hence, Kayaking keeps your body right in weight and right in shape.

    5. Strength – Inside and Out:

    The brisk movements involved in the sport are another benefit of kayaking as exercise. The continuous movement raises the heart rate and increases cardiovascular health. Kayaking can elevate your cardiovascular health and strengthen a number of major muscle groups throughout your body. One can work out his body while kayaking; it’s possible to navigate the boat through leg movements, which keeps your entire body active during the activity.

    6. Strengthens positive self-image:

    Kayaking is a sport full of adventures. Facing different challenges, like whitewater rapids, or even paddling a longer distance than you did last time, strengthens your inner confidence and positive self-image. Research by the Journal of Leisurability found that kayaking leads to increased social skills and sense of self, as well as an overall boost in self-satisfaction.

    7. Increases your Social Circle:

    It seems weird to put this on health benefits, but it is a health benefit. Humans have evolved to be social; they need to be with other human beings to achieve some level of happiness. If you are an introvert and don’t have a lot of friends or your job needs you away from being around different people meeting new friends then kayaking is a great way to go! You could even join a club or take lessons. It fulfills your inner social need by meeting or interacting with new people and make friends while enjoying Kayaking with them.

    8. Core Strengthening

    Kayaking also strengthens up the core, made up of the upper and lower abdominal muscles, through the control and balance, needed for the sport. When we turn the kayak, we have to shift and turn our core area of the body. Each turn gets your body to work, resulting in the building of core.

    9. Increases Your Stamina:

    Since it’s a sport and it needs complete human effort to work, same as so many other sports, it increases your stamina. The more you do it, the better you understand it. And let me tell you it’s one of those water sports; which you can’t get enough of it. It’s the most enjoyable way to increase your stamina by setting goals to cover a specific area in a specific period or set your paddle limit per minute.

    A kayaking journey can be a tranquil outing on a placid lake or a white-knuckle white water rafting adventure. Just strap one to your car and hit the road: a world of kayaking awaits!

    Tom is a blogger and a nature lover. He is obsessed with traveling and adventures and that too with his family. He believes that water has a steady hold of him. He regularly writes about his experiences at

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