Why Regular Medical Check-ups Are Important

    The increasing expenditure related to healthcare services paired with the packed business schedule translates into a growing trend of putting regular medical examinations to the side. The harsh cold truth is that making a standard visit to the doctor for check-up could be a life-saving move sometimes.

    It is crucial for us to take periodic medical tests, including the dental and eye checkup if we want to lead a quality life for many more years. Trained professionals can detect issues in the early stage, and they can also prescribe some healthy life practices. Bear with us to get more detailed information about this serious subject and make your judgment if the regular visits to the doctor are worth it.

    Better safe than sorry – Prevention

    Periodic preventive checkups would allow your physician to spot any potential development of a health problem early on. These examinations are comprised of a few tests, and this involves body examinations and precautionary screenings.

    If doctors encounter anything that’s off or somehow malfunctioning, they will promptly inform you about the therapy plans and means to prevent such issues. If you’re wondering where to start and what common examinations may involve, take a look at our list:

    • The test for obesity and BMI (body mass index)
    • Blood pressure measuring
    • Regular blood analysis
    • Diabetes test
    • Cholesterol levels analysis
    • Pap test, that is, cervical smear procedure (a must for every woman!)

    If something specific bothers you, notify the doctor so he/she can set a precise diagnosis and do some specific examination and tests.

    While medical checkups aid in spotting early signs of some disease or condition, you can still make an effort to prevent this via healthy living and at-home self-exams. Ladies should definitely do properly timed (several days after your period) breast feel-ups and lump search. Both women and men should watch out for skin changes and suspicious freckles or moles. Lastly, a properly balanced nutrition, regular workouts and healthy weight are good tips that keep the doctor away.

    Minimise the costs of healthcare

    Many people I know persistently steer clear of the doctor’s office solely due to the possible large bill. As a matter of fact, checkups and periodic test are money savers in the long run. This way you are at ease knowing everything is in order, and the risks of needing surgery or intensive medical care are minimised.

    As weird as it may sound to older generations, coupons are a legitimate means in the medical world as well. They guarantee a certain discount that cuts the cost of checkups or any other health care related expenses in the local offices. Also, don’t forget to consult your employer and insurance company about the coverage and costs.

    Dental plan

    Apart from seeing a general practitioner, we recommend you schedule standard appointments with your dentist. But how frequently? The research conducted by a reputed dental journal stated that the number of time we go see a dentist is connected with the periodontal conditions and the individual proneness to it. A common opinion is that dental checkups should be performed every 6 months, or sooner in the risky cases.

    Decent and appropriate oral hygiene is a major player in maintenance of the overall body health. It’s nothing unusual that inflamed gums often lead tooth extraction, while the buildup of bacteria in our mouth is in correlation with the potential heart disease risks. Driving to your doctor’s office can be a bit of a drag, especially if you just want to inquire about something. I’m exhilarated that a platform for online doctor consultation exists since it is quite convenient for remote problem solving.

    Eye exams

    GPs can give you some basic information and instructions concerning your eye care, and people of all ages must test their eye performance periodically. Optometrists are the initial examiners, but to ensure you’re not having glaucoma or you want a full vision report, opt for ophthalmologists. On the other hand, optician are trained enough for eye assessments and contact lens or glasses prescriptions.

    Persons aged 50 or more are advised to have their eyesight checked every year or two. The younger working crowd utilising computers should definitely follow screen safety maneuvers and thus dodge dry eyes syndrome and related eye damage.

    Paying a visit to the doctor is not everyone’s favourite activity, but its impact is substantial. With the early detection of some issue you can effectively nip it in the bud.

    Diana Smith
    Diana Smith
    Diana smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls interested in topics related to health and alternative medicine. In her free time she enjoys exercising and preparing healthy meals for her family.

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