How to Make Her Smile After a Fight?

    Women can be tricky when it comes to patching things up. Every couple fights, after all, that’s the essence of a relationship. But when you have to make it up to her, that’s where the struggle begins. And if you have a stubborn partner, or have made a terrible mistake, it’s harder to patch up. Here are some sure shot gifts for wife to make her smile after a big fight.

    A personal Message

    Sometimes it is hard to say what you feel. When words fail you use personalised gifts which allow you to put your message in a frame and gift it to her. Let your message remind her how much you love her. Women are sensitive and they love it when men show their sensitive side to them.

    Fridge Magnets

    There are many motivational magnets out there. Even some cute ones that can be found easily. These fridge magnets look all cute, sexy and fun. She will place them anywhere in the house and is sure to love it. Magnets come with logos, quotes, graphics and more. Find something motivational for her to resolve the fight.

    Personalised Puzzles

    Doing something extra sweet is the best and surest way to resolve a fight. Get the word Sorry written on the puzzle or a heartfelt message with your and her’s photo and gift it to her. She will get the message as she puts the pieces together.

    Name Frames

    There are many photo frames and name frames that are totally customised and look very elegant. When you get something with her name inscribed on it, she will feel special and will patch things up in minutes.

    Apologise in person

    Don’t hide behind a text message or a video call. Apologise in person, tell her how you feel about the whole argument and make some sense. Don’t do it for the sake of ending the discussion; women hate it. If you are sorry, she will know it. Just make sure you are carrying a gift along with you.

    Take her out to shop

    Of course she will resist initially, so take her to the place she wanted to buy her favourite stuff from but couldn’t. Any recent things she was planning to buy? Get her that. Women love to shop. And even better when they are angry. Retail therapy, on someone else’s money, is always fun, isn’t it?

    Surprise her

    It could be anything. Even if it means you simply go and meet her in person, without any gifts. Just a hug will resolve it. Just surprise her with your presence and half the battle is won.

    Women love dearly and argue passionately. It can be tricky to make them smile again, but if you do it with all the honestly, these simple gifts for wife can work wonders.

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