How Drug Addiction Affects The Way You Look And Your Body


    Drug misuse and addiction can lead to all kinds of short-term and long-term health effects.

    Drug abuse can affect your body in many ways. In fact, your exterior appearance starts to change slowly. Over time, your appearance and body functioning become so worse that people can easily recognize you as a patient suffering from addiction.

    Drug addiction puts a significant strain on your liver and stress on your heart muscles. Unfortunately, this harm might surface after it has become a serious issue.

    After all, it is impossible to see the harm inside of you without sophisticated medical imaging systems.

    Drug Abuse Put The Whole Body At Risk

    Drug abuse and addiction affect every system of your body. You are probably aware of the fact that addiction can affect your feeling, judgment, decision-making, and memory. But they can also cause several health problems like:

    • Cancer.
    • Heart diseases.
    • Liver dysfunction.
    • Lung diseases.
    • Mental disorder.
    • Infectious diseases.

    Some of these affect when an individual is exposed to prolonged drug use.

    For instance:

    • Tobacco addiction results in lung and heart diseases. It also affects the premature aging of your skin.
    • Inhalant spreads toxic throughout the body. This results in users experiencing blackouts and hearing loss.
    • Cocaine has a direct connection with heart attack and stroke.

    Drug abuse is dangerous to your body in many ways. These are some of the common examples. If you are interested to know more, visit website for more details.

    How Do Drugs Affect Your Looks And Body?

    Drugs are the chemical compounds that negatively affect your looks and body. Even if you use drugs moderately, it will leave a short-lived effect.

    For example – take nicotine. Consuming nicotine products raises your blood pressure and increases your alternativeness. This effect is short-lived. Once its effects wear off, you might experience mild stress.

    Here are a few other ways in which drug addiction affects your looks and body.

    1. Your Skin

    An easy way to know whether or not the person is suffering from addiction is by looking at their skin. This is because drug addiction causes several health issues. One of them is skin irritation.

    This irritation leaves a mark on the skin. You will see your skin is turning towards more darker shades. The more drugs you take, the more traces will appear on the skin.

    There is a medical term that is quiet among drug users – Hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation is a state where your skin becomes dark, especially at the injection site.

    2. Man Boobs

    Excessive use of drugs can result in man boobs in men. This medical condition is known as Gynecomastia. It is a condition in which an increased amount of breast gland tissues is formed in men.

    It is mostly caused by the hormonal imbalance of estrogen and testosterone. When a person is under the influence of drugs, it stimulates the brain and releases different hormones. This creates a hormonal imbalance resulting in man boobs.

    3. Damaged Nose

    One of the popular ways to take drugs is by snorting. This is especially true for cocaine. Cocaine comes in white powder form which people mostly prefer to snort.

    Snorting cocaine can lead to the nose’s internal cell damage and affect your sense of smell. However, the damage does not stop there. Prolonged snoring can result in damaging the nose cartilage.

    4. Weak Physique

    Drug addiction can affect your growth and development. If a person is exposed to drugs at an early age, they might experience a loss of appetite. They become dependent on substance use for all their activity.

    You stop growing when you stop getting enough nutrients in your growth and development phase. It might also happen that you might never reach your full height potential.

    5. Loss Of Hairs

    As we have already said, excessive use of drugs damages your skin and creates an imbalance in hormonal decomposition. Both the factors work together here.

    With the overdose of drugs, your skin becomes damaged, which results in hair loss. And with the hormonal imbalance, females might experience growth of facial hair.

    6. Respiratory problem

    Smoking any kind of drug causes breathing diseases. This includes chronic coughs, bronchitis, lung inflammation, and lung infections.

    Continued use of drugs even after experiencing these respiratory problems might result in breathing problems and, in the worse case, death.

    7. Dehydration

    Using drugs raises your ecstasy feeling. This increases your blood and body temperature, causing dehydration.

    Dehydration can be dangerous for your health. If not treated accordingly can result in kidney failure.

    8. Rotten Teeth

    The person who uses drugs maintains poor dental hygiene. This results in meth mouth. What does this meth mouth mean? It means a person will have bad breath, rotten teeth, gums, and suffer from several gum diseases.

    9. Heart Disorder

    Drugs can stimulate your nervous system, which can result in an irregular heartbeat. Irregular heartbeat is directly linked with heart stroke.

    In addition, the fatal cardiac slowdown can be caused due to the side effects of drugs.

    10. Change Of Behavior

    Finally, change of behavior!

    One of the main differences you will soon start noticing after the person becomes addicted is that you will find changes in their behavior.

    They start behaving differently. Their behavior will project as if they are hiding something or are always in panic mode.

    Combat Effects Of Drugs!

    If you want to minimize or reverse the effect of the drugs, the first step is to stop using them. The longer you have been using the drugs, the longer it will take to stop being dependent on them.

    This article has discussed the effects of drugs on your body and physical appearance. We simply want you all to understand that taking drugs is not good. Although it might give you short-lived happiness, its long-term effects are life-threatening.

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