How effective is an abortion pill?

    Do you want to know how effective medication abortion is? If so, keep on reading. This piece is designed to lecture you on what an abortion pill is. You will also find out how the medication works and other helpful information. So, I would recommend you keep reading till the end.

    What is an Abortion Pill?

    An abortion pill is also termed medication abortion by experts. It is a convenient, safe, and effective way to terminate an early pregnancy. The procedure is mainly carried out at home. This is because it is more comfortable for lots of people. The link here has more information if you need a more precise understanding. 

    However, this convenience can lead to anxiety. It gets you thinking if the process has worked or has failed. This is why it is essential to make a follow-up appointment with your doctor. This way, you get reassurance.

    How Does It Work?

    An abortion pill involves the use of two different medications. Both medications work hand in hand to end the pregnancy effectively.

    The first medication is called mifepristone. But what is mifepristone? Well, this pill is essential, as it blocks a vital pregnancy hormone known as progesterone. This then leads to the breakdown of the uterine lining. Also, it stops the development of the pregnancy.

    The second pill is called misoprostol. The body will know that pregnancy cannot continue. This is why you introduce misoprostol. This enables the body to push out the embryo through the vagina.

    Keep in mind that the second medicine should be taken about 48 hours after the first medicine. This time is perfect because it allows the body to understand the first medicine. Then secondly, you do not want to take the second medicine too late as it wouldn’t prove effective any longer.

    The second medication causes bleeding and cramping. This allows for the emptying of the uterus. After taking the second pill, notice changes in your body. If you don’t experience cramping and bleeding within the first day, make sure to contact your doctor.

    The medical professional will provide you with both medications at the clinic. The doctor will give you all the correct information about the abortion pill. He or she will also tell you where and when to take medicine. It is fitting that your doctor should also prescribe antibiotics. This is to ensure that there are no further complications.

    Is the Abortion Pill Effective?

    If provided by a reliable provider, the medication abortion is very effective. You should remember that how long you are in pregnancy would also determine the effectiveness of the drug. Use this information for better understanding:

    • For women who are about 8 weeks pregnant, its effectiveness percentage is about 98%.
    • For women who are about 10 weeks pregnant, its effectiveness percentage is about 95%
    • For women with about 11 weeks of pregnancy, the effectiveness percentage is about 87%. Keep in mind that these women can be administered extra doses. This will increase the effectiveness to about 98%.

    The above information tells us that medication abortion works. However, for those with longer pregnancies, you can consider extra doses. Or, you can get a surgical abortion. But, make sure an expert completes the procedure to ensure your health is protected. You can check here for some helpful pill suggestions (You should consult with a medical expert before taking any meds for a D & C). 

    How Does One Feel After Taking an Abortion Pill?

    How effective is an abortion pill? 1

    Lots of women have described the feeling of the medication like that of an early miscarriage. Once the second medicine is consumed, you begin to notice changes in your body. After a couple of hours, you begin to experience cramping and heavy bleeding.

    Also, if the pregnancy is too long, you may excrete larger tissues. These tissues will appear brown or red in color. There are specific mild side effects of the second medicine. These side effects are as follows:

    • Headaches
    • Vomiting
    • Diarrhea
    • Symptoms resembling fever
    • Fatigue

    It is vital that once you consume the abortion medicine, you stay somewhere comfy. Find somewhere that you can relax freely. Your home or the home of a loved one is best for this purpose.

    Also, it is a good idea to take a work break during this period. This allows you to rest and the medication to work correctly. Try to place a hot water bottle on your abdomen when lying down. This will help to relieve any pain you’re feeling during your procedure. Most women have reported that sitting on a toilet seat is a very comfy position.

    You should be prepared for the heavy bleeding as well. An excellent absorbent menstrual pad will do the trick. If you experience pain during the medication, steer clear of aspirin. This is because aspirin can cause more bleeding. Instead, talk to your doctor. He or she will provide you a better pain reliever that can work well with your abortion pill.

    I strongly advise that you take your pain medication about an hour before the second pill.

    How Can You Tell that the Medical Abortion is Over?

    When the procedure is completed, your symptoms begin to reduce. You start to notice that your cramping isn’t as severe as it used to be. Your bleeding becomes lighter. Also, your nauseous feeling or feverish feeling gradually disappears.

    Keep in mind that the procedure will get you tired. So, after it has been completed, you might need at least three days to get back to your usual self. You must go for a follow-up appointment with your doctor after the medication. This will ensure that the procedure was done correctly with no mishaps.

    Before your appointment, determine if your bleeding is much lighter or remains heavy. Notice all changes and relate any concern to your doctor.

    What Will Happen if Your Abortion Pill is Ineffective?

    Studies show that abortion medication is very effective. However, there can also be a slim chance that it doesn’t work. It is why it is essential to go for a follow-up appointment with your healthcare provider. He or she would let you know of this at the appointment. You can check with abortion clinics in Charlotte for suggestions on suitable medications to help make the process seamless. 

    If the medicine doesn’t work and you’re still pregnant, then a different option will be provided. It may be that you need extra doses of the drug. It may also be that you need a surgical removal instead. Regardless, your doctor will provide you the best alternative as to how to effectively ensure safe removal.

    Final Note

    An abortion pill is a safe form of terminating an unwanted pregnancy. Little wonder it is widely popular. Nonetheless, it would help if you trust your healthcare provider. He or she should be reliable and dependable to provide you the right service.

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