Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

Now that I’m pregnant, are there foods I should avoid?

This is one of the most common questions pregnant women ask upon finding out they are pregnant. During pregnancy, especially for first-time mothers, everything you do and put in your body should be carefully evaluated because you have another life to think about now.

If you are pregnant, it is crucial to let your doctor know if you have any concerns about the foods you are consuming. To neutralize the confusion surrounding foods to avoid when pregnant, we take a look at the top three foods you need to avoid during pregnancy:

Uncooked Fish and Undercooked Meat

Unfortunately, sushi lovers will have to lay off sushi until the baby is born. The same also goes for those who like their meat medium-rare.

Raw fish is one of the top foods gynecologists encourage women to avoid while pregnant. Consuming raw fish runs a considerable risk of exposing your unborn child to contaminations that could lead to pregnancy complications.

Pregnant mothers should also make sure that any meat they consume is properly and fully cooked. Raw meat contains E.coli, salmonella, listeria, as well as other harmful bacteria that could pose a risk to the growing fetus. 


In most cases, this goes without saying. However, in rare cases, some people will encourage drinking in small amounts. 

However, drinking alcohol, even in the smallest amounts during pregnancy, is not safe for your growing fetus. 

The alcohol in your blood will also be passed to the fetus via the umbilical cord and expose your unborn child to a range of mental or physical development issues.

Uncooked or Undercooked Eggs

Raw or undercooked eggs contain salmonella bacteria, which is harmful to your growing baby. You can easily avoid salmonella infections by avoiding raw or undercooked eggs. 

Unfortunately, this also means avoiding sources of raw eggs such as Caesar dressing, eggnog, tiramisu, cake batter, hollandaise sauce, cookie dough, casseroles, etc.

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