5 Reasons why common living is great for students

    Chat to enough students who have lived in on-campus college dorm rooms and you will hear some blood-curdling horror stories about the challenges they have faced; smelly rude slobs, passive aggressive control-freaks, noisy party animals – and worse. Thanks to common living, or co-living, you can sidestep the small, overcrowded dorm room and opt for a comfier experience, taking advantage of all the added extras that co-living offers, without going bankrupt. Why is co-living such a great life hack for students? We can think of at least 5 reasons:

    1. Co-living sets the stage for adulthood

    For the more mature student who is looking to dive into adulthood head first, dorm life can be a drag. Co-living requires more self-sufficiency, as you figure out how to budget for grocery shopping and transport, navigate the ins and outs of the compromise that comes along sharing the chores of cooking and cleaning with housemates – an amazing growth experience for young adults.

    2. Co-living rooms are spacier than dorm rooms, & cheaper than New York apartments

    If you have already decided that living on campus is not for you, you may have already looked into renting an apartment – only to discover the exorbitant fees? That’s before you calculate your utilities like gas, and water, and other expenses – necessities, like laundry and Wifi. Co-living houses typically provide everything you need as part of the rental, such as a fully-fitted kitchen and shared living areas and studies, with large single rooms and far less residents per bathroom.

    Student co-living

    3. Co-living saves you money in other way, too

    Rent rates in co-living houses are often lower than campus housing fees, so do your research and find the best local deal for your budget. Co-living houses are usually conveniently situated near all the best shopping and entertainment areas, which means you don’t have to spend a small fortune on transport out of campus and into the city, where the action is. Sharing resources with your housemates helps you save on grocery bills. You save big time on laundry and Wi-fi fees, which are generally included in your rent.

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    4. Location, Location, Location

    You spend all day slogging around campus, let your evenings be spent in a place that is more suited to your vibe. The city nightlife is vibrant and diverse, and co-living houses often arrange group activities for the residents to encourage them to bond as the safely explore their surroundings.

    5. Co-living offers you flexibility

    If you’re the independent type who is looking forward to putting the pre-graduation days of stringent rules behind you, dorm living will annoy you – you now have an RA to answer to. Thanks to the number of co-living houses available, and the range of lease terms available (3, 6, 12 months or something in between), you can move around as often as you like, soaking in every corner of the city, and making more new friends, at your heart’s content!

    It is not just tech startups and freelancers who are discovering the convenience, affordability, and flexibility of co-living students also have everything to gain from joining the co-living lifestyle.

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