Best tips to care for your hair in the summer

    Hair care is important during all seasons, but during summer, it attains prime importance. This is because of the heat. Summer is the right time to go to the beach, but ample care of the hair needs to be taken. Everybody seems to take care of their skin but seem to ignore their hair but the UV rays can do equal damage to your hair. We can help you in this regard with our article. How far it can protect your weave hair from damage totally depends on how diligently you follow the tips given in our article.

    Here are a few tips to follow for hair-care during summer:

    Cover your hair with a scarf/towel

    Covering your hair with a scarf or towel will protect your hair from UV rays. UV rays are not good for your hair or your skin, this fact is not unknown from even a kid. To protect your hair whenever you go out in the sun. This is of vital importance and you’ll start realizing its value when you start doing it.

    Color your hair much before summer arrives

    It’s best as much as possible to color your hair much before summer. Once summer arrives, heat levels begin to rise and it’s not good to do much to your hair. Your focus should be on just keeping it clean and covered from UV rays, all the styling should be done before the commencement of summer. The color also fades off faster in summer. Therefore, you’ll get less value for your money, if you color your human hair extensions during summers. If you got a wedding or something to attend, then you got to do it, but ensure that you cover your hair after anything you do to your hair.

    Trim your hair

    Trimming of the hair needs to be done during the summers. It’s always good to trim your hair during the summers, as due to the heat, dry ends and spilled ends are common problems faced by most people. So get your hair trimmed short during summers if you wish or even the right time to give yourself a fresh new cut. Whatever be your cut, split ends wouldn’t look nice on any cut or hair. So even if you don’t change your hairstyle, do not forget to trim it.

    Go slow on chemicals during summers

    Coloring, shampooing etc. should be done less to the hair during summers, as already the heat levels are high. Do not further damage your hair by giving extra heat to your hair by all these processes, which involves chemicals.

    Shampooing every day is not a good idea

    Daily shampooing is not a good idea, as chemicals are involved. Try using mild shampoos, especially during the summers. Don’t ever think just because your shampoo is mild, you can use it every day, that is not a feasible idea for your hair. As your hair should be a precious commodity to you and you must try to keep it as much as possible far from chemicals. If you cannot bear the heat daily, just give a plain water wash to your hair, but remember no shampooing. While shampooing too ensure that you apply the shampoo only on the scalp and not on your hair.

    Say no to shampoo, but yes to your conditioner

    Use a conditioner, which uses natural/organic substances so this will ensure that your hair gets enough moisture. The flip of the coin is that it won’t get damaged too in the process, as moisturizing your hair during summers is of vital importance.


    Everyone likes to go swimming in the summers. But the damage that can happen to your hair bundles are unimaginable. So do not forget to apply a leave-in conditioner and to cover your hair with a swimming cap.

    Drink lots of water

    If you do a lot of things externally for your hair and forget your responsibility of caring for your hair internally, by drinking lots of water, all efforts taken externally will go down the drain. So don’t make this blunder like many others and drink lots of water.

    Avoid curling and straightening of hair during summers

    Avoiding straightening and curling will be a good idea, as giving your hair too much heat is not good when the weather conditions are already hot. So avoiding all these processes during the summer will be a good idea. It’s good to avoid the blow-dryer too. You may have to take little extra efforts like having a hair wash early before leaving for someplace, be it office or any other place in order to avoid the blow-dryer

    So overall, these easy tips are not so difficult to follow. We believe you’ll follow these tips and reap the benefits in the form of healthy and shiny hair, even during the summers.

    Aimee Martin
    Aimee Martin
    Aimee Martin is a fashion and beauty writer. She has a lot to say, work hard, love lots. She loves sharing beauty tips, latest fashion trend, hair care, hairstyles and more. Follow her blog to keep updated on all the latest fashion and beauty style posts from her.

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