What are the health benefits of getting enough sleep?

    Lack of sleep is bad for your health. As you know, sleep deprivation does not only make you foggy but also grumpy. The best way to avoid these negative effects is to get enough sleep. It cannot deny that you will feel better if you get enough sleep. Why? It is because adequate sleep benefits your health in many ways that you may not be aware of. Keep on reading, the answer for the question “What are the health benefits of getting enough sleep?” will be revealed in this article.

    1. Maintaining a healthy body

    The first one when it comes to benefits of getting enough sleep is to maintain a healthy body. Get lots of restful sleep when you feel down or tired. While you are sleeping, your body produces extra protein molecules which enhance the ability to combat infection. If you are a blood pressure patient, getting enough sleep brings constant relaxation that can aid in keeping it under control.

    2. Improving memory

    Are you trying to learn new things? Do you find it hard to memorize all of them? Leave them there and go to sleep for a while! Sleep can help improve your memory and you will learn better after sleeping. According to Dr. Rapoport – an associate professor at NYU Langone Medical Center, if you want to learn something, you need to spend some time to practice mentally or physically. However, you can learn it better if you take a restful sleep. While you sleep, something happens to make you better at learning.

    Apart from the help for learning something new, adequate sleep also aids students in achieving better grades at school. A great sleep contributes in making your brain more productive and effective. You become smarter in learning. So, reap benefits from a proper sleep if you want to be good at studying or working.

    3. Spurring creativity

    Getting enough sleep does not only improve memory but also spur creativity. A good sleep helps reorganize and restructure your brain, which can make you more creative. It is extremely useful for people who need creativity in their jobs. Researchers at Harvard University and Boston College said that thanks to a good night’s sleep, your brain encourages the emotional factors of memory which are beneficial for the process of creativity’s stimulation [1].

    4. Sharpening attention

    Sharpening attention is the fourth benefit from getting enough sleep that we want to mention here. Scientists diagnose and measure sleep by measuring electrical changes in the brain. They concluded that how we sleep affects the brain. A study in the journal Pediatrics in 2009 also pointed out that children at the age of seven and eight slept less than eight hours per night would be more hyperactive, impulsive and inattentive.

    Together with memory improvement, attentive enhancement also takes a useful part in attaining better grades at school for students. Much more than that, sleep can also help adults restore their body, improve concentration throughout the day, and sharpen judgment and decision making to solve problems better. Thus, it is important to have enough sleep if you want a sharp attention in daily activities.

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    5. Reducing stress and bringing a better mood

    Busy lives make you weary. Strains of job and long-hour working make you go under a lot of stress. One of the main reasons that make you feel stressed is lack of sleep. The higher the level of stress is, the more difficult your sleep will be. The solution for this problem is feeding you with daily deep and regular sleep to release stress. According to Sleep Disorders Health Centre, it is easier for you to deal with the day’s stress when you have a deep and adequate sleep [2].

    Furthermore, a sound sleep helps you recover a healthy state and gives you more energy to cope with stress. As a result, sleep brings a better mood. It is a powerful booster for a fresh mood. You have the ability to feel freshly and think clearly after a restful sleep.

    6. Keeping a beautiful appearance

    Lack of sleep makes you look like a panda with dark circles under your eyes. All women dislike this. An effective way to banish under-eye circles is getting enough sleep. So remember to go to bed early and get enough sleep if you want to look pretty.

    Adequate sleep also aids you in keeping a healthy weight. Researchers at the University of Chicago said that dieters with good rest lost more fat (56% of their weight loss) than those with sleep deprivation. This is because sleep and metabolism are under control of the same brain’s sectors. Certain hormones go up in your blood and drive appetite while you are sleeping. Now, it’s time to put proper sleep in your daily program to have a beautiful appearance.

    7. Living longer

    Whether you believe or not, a fact is that enough sleep helps you live longer. Do not overuse anything. If you force your body to work excessively without full rest, sooner or later, you will feel down and exhausted. You are at risk of numerous ailments and shortening your longevity. On the contrary, if you balance work and rest in harmony, you can live longer. Your body needs to take a rest after a hard working day. When you are well-rested, your body is healthier and more powerful to combat diseases. A healthy body with no illness certainly is a companion with longer life.

    Keep in your mind that both too much and too little sleep is also the contributor in making your life shorter. Adequate sleep (around 8 hours a day) is the best way to live longer.

    8. Curbing inflammation

    A person is deficient in sleep, then he or she may have inflammatory diseases like arthritis, stroke, heart disease, diabetes and premature aging. Sleep deficiency leads to increased monocyte production of IL 6 and TNF alpha messenger RNA which are the activation of morning levels of cellular and genomic markers of inflammation. According to researchers, people who sleep six or fewer hours per night have higher blood levels of inflammatory proteins than those who spend more hours to sleep. Hence, follow a good sleep every day to avoid inflammation and reduce the risk for the development of diseases.

    In sum, adequate sleep is essential to physical health as well as emotional well-being. A better sleep makes a better you. A good sleep is a good health. Therefore, never underestimate the importance of meeting the need of regular basis for our sleep. Let’s condition ourselves for an appropriate sleep behavior.




    Victoria Tan
    Victoria Tan
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