Bad late night habits which are stopping you from having a good sleep

In our hectic lives when there is little time to devote to ourselves, sleep becomes very important. Sleep helps our body restore and repair itself. The truth is without sleep one can only survive for so long. While moderate sleep deprivation can cause serious health  issues including cognitive and motor impairments, severe sleep deprivation can even lead to death. Even a single night’s lack of sleep has the potential to ruin the entire next day. Your work performance might be low, your mood would be irritated and you may feel sick all day.

Well, it’s recommended that one must have at least a continuous sleep of eight hours each day. Although, different people have different opinion; I personally find that if I haven’t slept for 8 hours straight, I haven’t slept at all.

Anyhow, in this article we’re going to take a look at some of the bad late night habits that may make you stay awake late at night.

Late night conversations

One of the biggest enemy of your quality sleep can be the chatting, whether with friends or with your partner, whether face to face or online. Most times with a partner the situation can be unavoidable, especially when that is the only time you can find through the day. It’s important to have a quality conversation but it’s also important to have a good night of sleep. When conversations pick up, either in excitement or in argument, you’ll end up sleepless; even if the conversation has already ended. Arguments often leave you full of rage or fear that certainly proves to be a sleep killer.

Thus, it’s better to avoid long conversations before sleep. If you need to discuss something important or resolve some serious matters, keep them for the day when your head is clearer and you’re not going to harm your sleep.

Late night snacks

Well, at times when there is a gap between the dinner and your sleep time, you might find yourself craving for a little snack. No matter how tempting it may seem, late night snacks act just as another sleep killer. Food releases acid in your stomach and, because, you’re lying on your bed you are predisposed to acid reflux. And, trust me… the acidity is going to keep you up for a while.

Very late exercises

No matter how good exercising might be, late night exercises are always going to prevent you from having a sound sleep. A quality sleep is associated with lower body temperatures according to sleep experts. Now, a workout session raises your temperature and increases overall metabolic rate. With your entire body in an escalated mode, it would be hard for the body to catch some sleep. You must make sure that you end your workout session at least a couple of hours before your usual bed time.

Watching television excessively

The television set might be a part of your bedroom, but keeping it off when you’re trying to sleep would be a good thing practice to follow. Watching your favorite drama or thrillers is going to raise your adrenaline, make your heart beat faster and your brain more awake than needed. On top of that horror show or violence is going to give you nightmares.

Late night work

People who bring work home, or spend late at the office completing ‘just a little more’ work, tend to have troubled sleep. The thing is late night work causes anxiety and stress which acts as a precursor of insomnia besides poor appetite. Also, thinking about the work and next day’s anticipation gets your adrenaline levels high. Stress and adrenaline are surely sleep busters.

Instead of all the bad habits praying or meditating are better ways to walk you to a sound sleep.

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