A modern man with style

    So what makes a modern-day man gentleman? Is it the suave looks of Marlon Brando, the royal demeanor of Anthony Hopkins, the chameleon artistry of David Bowie or the gender-bending grace of RuPaul?

    There are a million ways to define masculine qualities, it is basically impossible to answer this question the more you think about it. However, there are some essentials which every man has to master in order to reach full bloom.

    His fashion choice

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    After all, clothes do make a man. Every man who understands that clothing isn’t just a layer of fabric to keep you warm may have the upper hand in demonstrating his dignity and charm. Your wardrobe selection can reflect your current mental state and how you bear yourself. So how do men create a poise of class?

    With fashion staples that spell maturities, such as well-tailored suits, elegant shoes with a matching belt, Italian attorney leather briefcases, flattering shirts, quality leather jackets, and more. You don’t have to go haute couture to be deemed a gentleman, just understand that a good cover can attract a person to grasp for the book.

    His wits

    Keep your wits about you! Sure, men love to play it childish but understanding when and how to use your sense of humor sets men apart from boys. With intelligence, it is all about recognizing the underlying context and being adaptable. If your jokes fail to land, that means you have probably miss-read the room and should go back to the drawing board of your mind.

    This skill is important for many occasions, from flirting and commanding attention to just being playful and entertaining. Also, if you cannot crack jokes about yourself, how do you expect to crack jokes about others, too?

    His hygiene

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    All humans have odors but men have a slight advantage in that department, hands down. This is why cleanliness is a trait that would describe a gentleman. And this goes well beyond taking a shower every now and then and adding a whiff of cologne that doesn’t pinch the eyes. His cleanliness extends to his home.

    Being a king of your castle means keeping your castle clean, too. Not only is regular housekeeping hygienic, but it also develops character and establishes certain values. There is more to it than meets the eye.

    His well-being

    Last but definitely not least is his well-being. How he takes care of his mind and body can speak volumes about his maturity. Fitness, diet, mentality, emotional intelligence – all these notions play a role in maintaining his overall health. A stressed-out man cannot carry himself with a graceful demeanor.

    Being able to address emotional issues and actively participate in resolving them distinguishes men from boys. So if you want to be a proper gentleman, learn to love yourself first. Or as RuPaul said it, “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?”


    Each coming of age journey is unique by itself. There is no recipe that will instantly make you into a man. It takes a lot of mistakes and getting back up to really understand what you are made of. It is your life to live so take it one step at a time. And pat yourself on the shoulder every now and then. It takes a lot of courage to grow up.

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