5 Styles for men that are catching up this wedding season

    If you take a close look at the wedding industry, you’ll find that almost every industry related to it has evolved along with it. From destinations to food to music to dressing, everything has changed over the years. The whole concept of dressing up at weddings has also gone through a revolution of its own. Gone are the days when traditional suits and gowns were all that people knew of. “What should I wear?” and “Does this suit me?” are now the common questions that go around during any wedding season.

    Whether it’s the groom or the groomsmen, every man today is brainstorming outfit ideas. And since there’ s an array of styling wonders available today, it is getting confusing for any man to follow. But everybody sure has the chance to shine in an outfit.  And as a man, you can invite eyeballs and lure photographers, as much as a woman does. Having attended a series of differently themed weddings, there are 5 styles for men that I have noticed catching up this season. So if you’re having a tough time picking up a style, don’t worry because I’ve got you covered:

    1. Don the black-tie wonder:

    Black suit with lapel brooch

    If you’re not sure about how your outfit looks, team it up with a black tie! It is not only the go-to formal wear to the occasion but also the classiest in the lot. You can team it up with a white shirt and a black tuxedo or a white shirt and a white tuxedo. And if you really want to excel the look, please keep your bright coloured shirts and tuxedos out of your reach. Instead, team your black bow or neck tie look with patent leather shoes. You can even accessorize your outfit using a pocket square or button studs or a formal watch to add some flair. You can also experiment to modernize the look as per your taste, but remember “Less is always more” in this case!

    2. Wear your cocktail suit

    Groom wearing boutonniere

    So you have a wedding to attend but you hardly have the time to dress up? Well, what if I told you that you can wear your cocktail suit to your workplace too? More because a cocktail suit falls somewhere in between a low-key appearance and a high fashion statement. A blue suit and any solid colour shirt is a great choice in such case. You can also always team it up with a subtle pocket square and cufflinks, but don’t miss the leather shoes ever. The only thing to keep in mind is that your cocktail suit should not be vague enough for a formal occasion. It should rather be able to define your personality out of the 9-5 job.

    3. Go casual about the affair

    Wearing suit without necktie

    Okay, before I tell you what, please understand that casual should not be taken as a literal phrase here. For instance, please don’t wear a “How you doing?” t-shirt to a wedding. It sure might be your favourite, but it is nothing less than a disaster of an outfit for the occasion. Casual outfits are rather more relaxed versions of the suits that you’d have otherwise dressed up in. The basic vision is to mesh properly in the atmosphere while respecting the ceremony. So when trying to dress casual, you must choose a suit of any colour except black. You can even choose a solid or patterned dress shirt. And to spice it up, you can team it up with suede shoes and suede belts too.

    4. Flaunt a smart piece

    Grey wedding suit

    You have to be careful of the line that differentiates the boring from the outstanding here. The smartest choice would be to wear a double-breasted suit tailor-made for you! You can also try shades of blue that look slightly less formal than the usual. If it’s a summer wedding, you can wear lighter shades of linen blazers and can always team it up with a sunglass. You can always ditch the socks and wear a semi-formal shoe to the occasion. Remember that smart suits are a smart buy too. You can deconstruct and use it for different occasions always!

    5. Choose an alternative look

    Do you have a red velvet jacket that you absolutely adore but don’t know where to wear? Well then, if you are attending a wedding that falls in the Christmas week, it’s the right time to flaunt it off. With weddings that fall in a festive season, you have the liberty to dress like the occasion. But I hope you didn’t plan a Halloween outfit or a Santa suit to the wedding already! For the goal is to keep the festive vibe alive but not at the cost of a bizarre. Having said that, you get the same kind of liberty in customised weddings too. For instance, at a beach wedding that I attended, beige was the most spotted colour of the day. Also, most of the guests ditched their shoes to team their outfits with loafers. And it is ironical to note that nobody would have done that on any wedding day, otherwise!

    Let’s be honest that planning an outfit will always be a task for us! But with these tips in your head, you now have a brisk idea about what surely works, at least.

    Bronte Price
    Bronte Price
    Bronte Price is Australia’s First Certified Gay Marriage Celebrant in Melbourne. He has also co-founded The Equality Network to help wedding suppliers create a better wedding experience for LGBTI couples. A regular volunteer newsreader at Joy 94.9, and a member of GLOBE (Gay and Lesbian Organization for Business and Enterprise).

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