Cheat sheet for interior design projects

    Every home needs a fresh coat of paint on the walls and a bit of reviving from time to time, so if you’re looking to revamp your living room, or add a new dose of style into your kitchen, now’s a perfect time. With only a few simple tricks you’ll make your home look brand new, but without spending a fortune on redesigning it. For all of you who’re lacking inspiration, we’ve come up with a few tips that’ll help you come up with fabulous interior design projects your home needs.

    Play with colours

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    The choice of colours in your home will depend mostly on your own sense of style and décor. If you’re leaning more towards minimalistic décor, introducing black and white tones will be your best choice. Whether you want to go with white-on-white combination, and have that clean polished look, or you want to mix black and white, or maybe black with some gold hues, you’ll achieve the everlasting classy but lux design. White floors in combination with white walls and beige or light grey furniture will also visually enlarge the room, which is a wonderful idea for small spaces. Black furniture on white floors, along with black and white accents will add style and a certain dose of sophistication to the interior.  If on the other hand, you’re a fan of vibrant hues, think about yellow walls and turquoise furniture, with magenta accents. The choice of colours can really make or break an entire design, so make sure you choose wisely.

    Mirror, mirror on the wall

    Interior Design with mirrors

    Mirrors are great accent pieces, but they can also make the room look bigger if need be. Placing a large mirror on the wall right across the window will visually enlarge the room, while also adding more light to the space. The reflexion of the light will add much more natural luminosity to the interior, making it more visually appealing, and saving you the money on using the electricity for all the lights you’d otherwise need even during the day. Displaying several smaller mirrors salon-style is another great idea if you want to make the most of your big walls. Incorporate a few framed family pictures and create a gorgeous gallery wall.

    Wallpaper magic

    Vintage wallpaper

    If you’re not a fan of one-coloured walls, you’ll be happy to know that wallpapers can refresh an entire interior quite easily. Considering they’re not so easy to install, it would be best if you looked for professional wallpaper installation services and let the experts transform your home into a stunning living place. Wallpapers will give your room a completely new dimension while making it look unique and original. Whether you go for unusual patterns, protrusions, ornaments, or landscapes your room will get that luxurious look you’ve always wanted. With a proper choice of wallpaper, you won’t have to think about decorating the walls, if that’s too much of a fuss for you because the wallpapers itself provide a lovely adornment to an entire space.

    Experiment with furniture

    Furniture Remodeling

    Straight lines and strong geometric shapes are the safest choices for living rooms. After you create a perfect symmetry with sharp edges and rigid shapes, you’ll easily transform and rearrange the sofas or couches the other way if you don’t like the original setting. If your walls are bright, dark furniture would offer a lovely contrast. Making the furniture a focal point in your room is always a great idea, so consider bold hues such as fuchsia, orange or yellow, to contrast the light walls. If you want the accent pieces to be the focal point, use artwork in vibrant hues, and go with neutral shades of seating arrangements.

    Don’t forget the lighting

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    Only with the proper lighting will your interior look fabulous. Small scones, recessed lights and thin-base floor lamps are some of the lighting solutions that will contribute to your interior the best way possible. If your dining room needs something to make it stand out from the rest of the rooms, hang a classic chandelier over the table and let it take all the spotlight. Finally, natural lighting is always the best option, so if you’re up for a little bit of construction working, consider building in a larger window.

    Refresh the kitchen


    To spruce up the cooking area, offering it an airy appeal, think about having white rafters, countertops, backsplash and white cabinetry. Pendant lights along with a few wooden items will offer a lovely contrast. If your kitchen is small, Lucite items will eliminate visual clutter, so think about investing in Lucite paper towels, drawer pulls, barstools and trays. Always keep the kitchen decluttered if you want to make it visually bigger. To break the monotony, introduce metallic details such as gold lamp shade, bronze bar stools, or even chrome or stainless-steel appliances.

    Accent pieces are crucial

    Throw pillows, gold picture frames, vintage shelving and black vases are just some of the examples of outstanding accent pieces that’ll give a completely new dimension to your living space. Accent pieces make the room stand out, so it’s essential that you choose wisely before you make a final choice about which accessories you want as a part of your décor. Curtains, for example, will not only refresh your home’s interior, but it’ll also make the room higher if you install the curtain rod above the window frame. For the proper effect, make sure the draperies graze the bottom of the window sill or the floor.

    Final thoughts

    Decorating your home can sometimes be challenging if you can’t decide which direction to go. So, if you’re fresh out of decorating ideas, feel free to use some of the aforementioned suggestions, that’ll certainly sparkle your imagination and provoke even greater ideas that you’ll be able to incorporate into your home’s interior.

    Audrey Taylor
    Audrey Taylor
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