A double jogging stroller: For a safe jog with two children

    Having twin babies, or young children whose ages are close enough is a blessing that is enjoyed by a good percentage of parents worldwide. Yet, along with this blessing comes a number of difficulties that need to be tackled by the parents in order to ease their parenting job and allow them to take sufficient care of their children. One of these difficulties is the inability to control the activity of both children simultaneously outside the home, particularly during jogging. Jogging with two children requires significant preparations when compared to a solo run. The first step is to choose a good double jogging stroller, and then follow a set of guidelines that would make sure the children’s safety is maintained while they enjoy the jog with their parents. Jogging strollers are mainly designed to withstand the speed of the parent and produce a minimal effect on the children riding inside it. Yet, in spite of the inherent stability features, certain tips need to be followed by parents when using these strollers as well as when trying to fold these baby double jogging strollers.

    Stability of the double jogging stroller

    A stable stroller is essential during jogging, to make sure it can absorb the children’s movements while not tripping forward or falling over. Stroller manufacturers introduce several techniques to help enhance the stability of their products. These include fitting the stroller with reclined seats that can be set at a number of angles to ensure the comfort of the child while protecting him/her from forwarding jerks. The parent needs to set the seats to a certain recline to make sure the children are in a resting and safe position and are not directly exposed to opposing air flow. In addition, jogging strollers are typically fitted with larger back wheels and fixed front wheels to provide better control over the stroller’s movement while maintaining its stability.

    Children safety

    Children safety and comfort once seated

    Before beginning the jog, parents need to address the children’s safety and comfort once seated. Double jogging strollers are typically fitted with 5-point harness seatbelts to make sure the children are well-strapped as soon as they are placed in their respective seats. With two children to take care of, parents need to fully buckle-up the first child into his seat before placing his sibling in place. This gives the parents maximum control over their children as they place them in the stroller. Moreover, the shading canopy needs to be extended during morning or afternoon jogs to protect the children from harmful UV rays. Parents also need to be careful when placing their hot cups of coffee or tea in their cup holders to avoid the danger of spilling. In addition, double jogging strollers typically have large storage baskets. These can be used to hold toys, food, water, and blankets, along with any other items that the children, and the parents, might need during their jogging time together.

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    Folding a double jogging stroller

    Depending on the brand, the model and the type of the stroller, the folding mechanism can be entirely different from one stroller to another. Some strollers are manufactured with a quick-fold technology that allows the stroller to be folded with a single twist of a knob that collapses the stroller into a compact form. Other strollers require seats to be flattened first, before being able to compress the complete stroller frame. Care needs to be taken when folding double strollers as they are bigger in size and hence consist of more parts that need to be folded carefully in place. In addition, parents need to make sure that the storage cabinets in the stroller are all emptied before folding, to avoid potential damage to both the stroller and the stored items. Furthermore, the safety locks installed in all jogging strollers need to be unlocked before folding the stroller and more importantly, must be locked back in place after unfolding to make sure the seats are well-fitted and are ready to hold their children safely.


    Double jogging strollers present an ideal solution for parents who do not wish to give up their jogging routine after the introduction of two new members into their families, or those who would like to experience jogging for the first time with their young ones. Nevertheless, it is essential to follow the above-mentioned guidelines when using double jogging strollers to ensure a safe and enjoyable jogging trip for both the parents and the children.

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