6 Reasons Why Beer is Good For You

Beer lovers all over the world will be delighted to hear that beer not only tastes great, but can actually make you healthier. A pint of nice, cold beer on a really hot day can easily make you feel, well – reborn. Sharing a beer with your friends can make the discussion of serious matters much more pleasant, and there is no better ice-breaker than an invitation for a beer. To make things even better, beer is also good for your health.

Good for the heart

Being rich in B vitamins, beer is good for your heart; especially dark beer, which has a lot of antioxidants. Back in 1999, British Medical Journal did a study on coronary heart disease and consumption of alcohol, and came to the conclusion that a couple of drinks per day lower the risk of heart disease. As with all good things in life, the key is in moderation.

Great for the kidneys

Kidney stone is common among people, and it is extremely unpleasant and painful. Good news is that kidney stone may decrease if you drink beer, making your life a lot easier. So, next time you grab a beer with your friends, make a toast to stone-and-pain-free days which the beer is going to give you.

It won’t make you fat

Contrary to popular belief that drinking beer will leave you with a beer-belly, this is not the case. A medical institute from Prague did a study, and they have concluded that people who drink regularly but (and this is the key here) moderately weight less than people who don’t drink. Drinking beer can boost your metabolism, if only you remember not to drink too much.

It fights inflammation

Beer gets its lovely, bitter taste out of hops, female flowers of a hop plant, but there is more to these flowers than bitter taste. They are full of more bitterness, but the good kind – bitter acids, chemicals with a lot of healthy effects. They fight inflammation, and one particular type of bitter acid called humulone showed great result with treating respiratory infections. Who says that something bitter cannot also be sweet?

All-natural is always the best

Many people debate whether beer has additives or not, and if you wish to keep it as healthy as it gets, get your own beer making supplies, find a recipe that seems good to you (homemade root beer is probiotic-rich and since it has no alcohol, even kids can drink it), and make your own beer at home. Making your on beer will make you feel good for sure, and you will be able to experiment with the taste and the ingredients until you make it just right.

Safer than water

When travelling abroad, it is often advised to steer clear of their water, for you never know just how your organism will react to it. Local beer, on the other hand, is a much safer bet. Water used in making beer is always boiled first, and once bottled and capped, there is no way for germs and dirt to get into the bottle. As for the taste, well, you will have to try a few before you find the one you really like.

Beer lovers, celebrate these amazing facts by making sure you stay healthy.  Of course, drinking too much will not help you at all, on the contrary – you could get sick and have serious problems with your health. The key is to be moderate and know your limits; too much of a good thing can quite easily turn into a bad thing.