Chilled Summer Drinks to Beat the Indian Summer

The summer heat, especially in India, can really leave you craving for something to drink that is chilled as ice. Here’s a list of summer drinks that aren’t only chilled but also a treat to your taste buds.

2Sweet Lassi

It’s a very popular drink in India, especially in the northern parts. It is prepared from churning yogurt. You can give it any flavour you want. Some popular flavors are masala lassi, mango lassi, papaya lassi, strawberry lassi etc. You can also buy mango lassi and other flavors in market or online.


Another widely popular Indian drink for summer is roohafza. It can be prepared by simply mixing it in cold water and lime juice and served cold. Or, you may also mix it with milk for a sweeter flavor.

5Lime Soda

Also known as Banta Water is mostly famous as a street drink. Lemon is mixed in soda water along with various spices. It is quite refreshing and quench your thirst better than anything else.


Commonly known as nimbu pani is another common but great drink. Simply squeeze some lemons in water and add some flavor. Some of the flavor options are cumin powder, mint juice, black salt, or anything else you prefer.

8Sugarcane Juice

Take a sip of fresh and chilled sugarcane juice in summers and you’ll feel like you’re in heaven.

9Khus Sorbet

It’s a drink prepared from khus (vetiver) syrup.