This Will Make You Believe That Tea Can Make You Glow

    Changing your cup of coffee to a cup of tea could change wonders in your life and to your skin.

    If you are an avid coffee drinker, a quick tip of changing lanes from coffee to tea would be a great idea not just for your body but your skin as well.

    As women with busy lives, we want to look pretty without spending too much or without anyone noticing that we have been trying hard.

    While various tea flavors like green, black, and chamomile, were already proven centuries ago as beneficial to our health, it isn’t common knowledge that tea can give your skin a glow as well. As tea is rich in antioxidants and other nutrients, those tea bags that you brew can also remove the bags under your eyes. An herbal tea gift basket can make a wonderful present for any woman in your life!

    Listed here are some beauty hacks that the tea could do to our skin:

    Green Tea: Helps Improve your Skin Complexion

    Green tea is beneficial in improving your skin complexion, and also, it makes your skin healthy. Green tea helps in flushing out the toxins from the skin.

    Also, it heals any visible blemishes and scar, and also helps in reducing any inflammation. Another important benefit green tea will offer, is improving your skin’s elasticity.

    Hack: Helps Reduce puffy eyes and dark under-eye circles

    Right here is an easy beauty trick. You’ve been busy working until the wee hours of dawn that upon waking up, you can see visible ugly dark circles under your eyes. Well, here’s a simple solution for you.

    After brewing your morning tea, don’t throw away the tea bag. Instead, use it as an eye mask or dip some cotton balls to your tea then the magic works for you.

    With the help of antioxidants and tannins that are present in the tea, you’ll experience a shrinking of some blood vessels surrounding your eyes, eventually lessening the puffiness.

    Black Tea: Helps fight Aging Signs

    Black Tea has loads of antioxidants. By preventing free radical damage, black tea can help slow down the signs of aging. Aside from the ability to slow the signs of aging, because black tea contains high caffeine level, it also helps prevent colds and other diseases that have adverse effects on our skin.

    Black tea also has anti-inflammatory properties. That helps replenish the skin when splashed on the face. Brew some black tea, cool it down, and refrigerate it for a couple of minutes then apply it on your face to help soothe your skin.

    Hack: Tones and moisturizes dry skin

    With the help of some brewed tea, dip some cotton balls and rub it on your face. That will contribute in balancing the pH level of your skin and tighten up some pores that cause the dryness.

    You can apply it twice a day, then say sayonara to those large pores and aloha to your glowing skin.

    Chamomile Tea: Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Bacterial

    Besides from being a great help to your sleep and hair, chamomile tea is a life saver that will help you say goodbye to your acne-prone skin.

    Aside from treating dark circles and puffiness of the eye, chamomile can also fight inflammation and bacteria that will try and harm your skin. All that are thanks to those antioxidants and catechins helping regulate hormonal imbalance that causes an acne breakout.

    Hack: Tea as a perfect skin Toner

    As tea being famous for its benefits, tea can also make you say goodbye to those factory-made face toners that bring damage to your skin and face.

    Tea is a natural toner that will help reduce large pores and draw out impurities that prevent you from having a glowing skin. Tea will help your skin stay hydrated.

    Brew at least 2 cups of tea (any tea of your choice can be black, green or red) then let it cool down. Next, add a few drops of essence oil, mix them together.

    Then put in a clean spray bottle. Spray some of the solutions to a cotton ball and rub it on your face. That’s your natural toner, right there, and you could use it every day.


    Tea is extremely beneficial to our body’s health both in and out. It has antioxidants and nutrients that are essential for us to improve and achieve a glowing and healthy skin. A cup of tea a day can indeed change your life in many ways.

    Jennifer Gebhardt
    Jennifer Gebhardt
    Jennifer Gebhart is a passionate blogger, a health enthusiast, and a tea lover. Jennifer loves learning about the different benefits of tea and often research about new tea flavors. She likes drinking tea from Teaola because they are both healthy and delicious.

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