Whole-grain Noodles and Pasta or The Regular Maida, What to Eat?

    In recent days the food markets are overflowing with whole-grain noodles and pastas. What is whole-grain? Are they any better than the regular products?

    We talked to Mrs. Kritika Ahuja, a Diet expert from Delhi about the recent buzz the whole-grain products have created. “The difference between whole-grain products and the refined products (maida) is the removal of bran and germ through the refining process. This refining is all that matters, the nutritional value is lost in the refinement,” she says.

    There is difference in flavor and nutritional value between the whole-grain products. Although some may find the refined maida products superior in respect of its taste, but the whole-grain products certainly win when it comes to health. During refinement almost sixty percent of the grain is lost, a portion that could have added to the nutritional value. Refined products have lost more than fifty percent of minerals and vitamins during the process. They have also lost about three-fourth of the fiber content and are richer in calories.

    On the other hand, whole-grain products are rich in vitamin B, iron and other minerals including selenium, a trace mineral with antioxidant properties. Dietary fiber is helpful in keeping the bowels moving, hence improves digestion and alleviates constipation. Also, they have a role in lowering levels of blood sugar and cholesterol. If you’re conscious about your weight then whole-grain products are the right choice for you. And, if you’re not conscious about your weight, then become conscious as it is the key to better health.

    “If you want to stay healthy, switch to whole-grain products, be it your pasta, noodles or morning bread. Particularly now when our lifestyle has become stagnant, it’s essential we take our diet right,” added Kritika.

    To summarize, the whole-grain products are rich in minerals, vitamin B, and dietary fiber. They are useful in weight loss, improve digestion, relieve constipation, and regulate blood sugar and cholesterol. So, next time you’re shopping for your kitchen don’t pick the refined products, switch to whole-grain food.

    Dr. Kishor Kumar
    Dr. Kishor Kumar
    Kishor Kumar is a blogger, writer, entrepreneur, enthusiast learner, and occasional web designer. He is founder of Zigverve, Zigreads, Books & Writers and PastelRed.

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