Growth is Always on The Other Side of Comfort Zone

As I look out of window of my International flight, I am reminded of the time when I was reluctant to travel alone. But in the past couple of years, having traveled alone across India by road, by air, by train and now travelling alone to another continent, changing flights in unknown countries, all by myself, is a big leap for me. I feel elated that I have broken another inhibition of my life and feel my heart expanding as I smile to myself.
Big or small, we all have certain inhibitions in our life, things we are scared of doing. If it was the inhibition of travelling alone for me, it could be something else for you. All these inhibitions slow down our growth as a person.

As a small child, we did not know any fear. We were ever ready to discover new things, always ready to do something new. While growing up, we formed a boundary of certain unsaid DO’s and DON’Ts around us, the boundary of comfort zone, and are reluctant to do anything which takes us out of it. But the real joy of life is in stepping out of the comfort zone. Sad part is that, very few people understand this.

Having taken workshops for hundreds of people till date, which gave me an deep insight into their lives, I strongly feel that the reluctance to step out of comfort zone, to do something new, is one of the major factors which stops us from living our life 100%, stopping us from growing 100%. Life has so much to offer, there are unimaginable treasures in this creation but they all remain hidden to our eyes because we don’t like to cross our comfort zone.

As you read this, think of all those things you would do rather do, but have not done yet? It might be a very small thing like a change in your daily routine, or a big thing like moving to another city. Now think of what is stopping you? You will find that what is stopping you is not something or somebody else, but YOU yourself. So, take that giant leap and do all those things, get going, embrace life, give yourself an opportunity to grow! Because as Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji, and for that matter, all great learned people have said “Growth is always on the other side of comfort zone.”