What to Get Your Boss for Christmas

    Finding the right Christmas present for a boss or supervisor is a bit of a balancing act. You don’t want your gift to come off as cheap or tacky, but going overboard could put you in a compromising situation with co-workers. You’ll also want to find something that goes well with your boss’s personality.

    Whether you are part of a large corporation or work in a tiny office, any boss will appreciate a gift that has a little thought. But unless you are best friends with your boss, avoid going too personal. Simple is always better. After all, you have plenty of other people to shop for!

    Practical Supplies are Great, Simple Presents

    Fountain Pen

    Looking through more practical gifts for your boss is a great place to start. If you work in an office setting, there’s a range of items that make for perfect presents. For starters, nobody can have too many pens.  Getting something with a more high-quality finish like a stylish Montblanc pen is a simple idea so your boss can ditch the bargain bin pens. The same idea can go for other common supplies like leather bound notepads and portfolios. While not extremely costly, they can be a small way for your boss to not feel forgotten during the holidays.

    To really take things up a notch with your practical supplies, try to get them personalized. Adding the company’s logo or motto are really effective ways for your present to show a little more thought. You can also add an inspirational quote or phrase that will inspire your boss throughout the year. Initials or even your supervisor’s name are great when you have a good working relationship, but should be considered thoroughly because you don’t want your gift coming off as too personal.

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    Gifts to Promote the Business are Always a Hit

    Networking is such an important part of any business today. Whether your business is a Fortune 500 company or a local shop, there are sure to be some business cards floating around to attract customers. Durable business card holders that keep those pieces of cardstock looking pristine are a great solution for when you need a simple present for your boss.

    Business card holders are the traditional way to go as a simple business promotion gift, but don’t stop there. Do you know what kind of phone your boss has? Get them a phone case with your company’s logo on it. This can work for other high-tech gear like headphones too. Even getting your boss a wallet or money clip that features your company’s brand is a great gift they can use to subtly promote the company at networking events or any other social gathering they attend.

    Professional Gifts When Price Doesn’t Matter

    Corporate Gifts

    If you have a little more money to play with – or co-workers who want to go in on a gift with you – then think a little bolder. Giving your supervisor a bag or briefcase that can help them be organized is a thoughtful gift; especially if your boss frequently travels. Depending on the style and material they can be a little pricier, but they will give your boss a professional look whenever they are going between home, the office, and meetings.

    Another way to go if you want to go out of the box but remain professionals is to get them an accessory that will give them a professional look when meeting with clients. A stylish tie bar, cufflinks, or watchband are all ways you can help your boss show they mean business while also being a simple gift.

    A Little Thought is the Best Bet

    When the holidays come and you want to select the perfect gift for your boss there are a lot of ways to go. Getting something goofy or personal may work in more casual settings, but going the more professional route is typically the better bet. Don’t be afraid to go generic, especially if you are getting a gift for a supervisor without discussing it with co-workers. But even simple gifts can be effective as long as they are thoughtful and practical. With so many options out there, you are sure to find something no matter what kind of company you work for!

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    Emma Finn
    Emma Finn
    Emma has worked as an HR consultant for companies like Watch Warehouse for the past decade, and prides herself on her gift-giving skills! When she’s off the clock, she enjoys exploring the vineyards around her hometown of Templeton, California, with her husband, Jack.

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