Flowering Gifts Can Brighten Days For Family and Friends

Flower Bouqet

In today’s rushed life, there is very little time to go visiting friends and family as the generation before us did.

They made an effort to reach out through cards, letters or visits. Today we have technology at our fingertips and we send less letters and cards which seemed more personal. Most of us keep in touch through text messaging and through telephone calls. Hearing a voice brings warmth and personal touch when we connect, but families and friends live across time zones now and most often even the telephone call is rare.

What has taken over is text messages especially through social media sites.

None of this really brightens someone’s day like a gift does. A gift when sent from a long distance, cannot be a fashion gift or a food gift as we do not know taste of our faraway friends and family.

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One gift that is ever welcome and brings much brightness and warmth is a flowering gift.

Flowering gifts can be of two kinds. One is the   plant that grows flowers and the other is a flower bouquet.

The flower bouquet brings instant smiles and brightens anyone’s day. The fragrance of the flowers be they orchids or roses will linger, as if the flowers are giving their own special message with the fragrance they spread.

Pink Cloud

The vibrant colours of some tropical flowers add a special abundance to the room. The receiver feels as if the smiles of the sender are saying something to them.

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When a friend is feeling sick or sad then a flowers bouquet will make their day suddenly a changed day. This is the way flowers affect our everyday life making the sender and the receiver very happy and joyous. So even if there is the phone call and the text message a bunch of flowers, the flowering gift makes a personalised gift to look forward to.

Diwali Dhamaka

Technology has made sending flowering gift of bouquet very easy now.

As a senior florist I remember, the time we used to send a telegram to a florist in another country and then only after 3 to 6 days they would send us a telegram back, saying they will accept the order and send it. Then we had to make a wire transfer of money which would take another week, it was such a long process!


Then came telephones with quick connections, but wire transfer was still a long process. Then came the email and Internet which really changed things for the florist and of course the credit card. Today’s flowering Gifts can brighten someone’s day right across the globe in a matter of a few hours. What could be happier?