How to Decorate your Home with Painting and Artworks

    There are number of ways to decorate your home. Yet, art and paintings remains one of the oldest method to do so. You don’t have to be an art savvy yourself to get started, just the one with a good imagination. Paintings are a great way to embellish your walls, and add that missing spark. The great thing is that artworks almost always fit in your budget, whether it’s low or limitless. You can follow these simple tips to get started:


    It’s important that while considering paintings for your walls, you take into account its size. Its size must be in coherence with other items available in the room and over the wall. Suppose you’re planning to hang the painting on the wall right above your couch or any other furniture, it’s best to keep the size of the painting almost equal to the size of the piece under it. This will make the wall look balanced and harmonized. Also, you can either use multiple artworks to balance out the size above a larger piece of furniture, or use multiple smaller pieces of furniture under a larger artwork. Also, make sure that you don’t place the artwork at a location where it’s either hidden by another set of décor item or create a distraction.

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    Though it’s great to have artworks decorating your walls, you must never overcrowd them. It requires a breathing space between the pieces to make them each look distinct. Closely stuffed paintings are good for nothing as the viewer would never be able  to appreciate even  a single one of them. Due to overcrowding the art loses its charm and appear nothing more than a splash of colors.

    It’s also great to follow patterns while placing the paintings. You can employ different patterns in different rooms, or different walls. However, you must make sure you don’t overdo it. Sometimes, employing a single pattern in entire house can also work wonders.


    Classic Furniture for Living Room

    Although, it’s not necessary to buy painting of the same color as your couch, it’s advisable to choose the painting based on the its material and predominant colors just to create a sense of harmony. Sometimes, contrasting colors also look fabulous, as long they complement each other.

    Where to buy

    Although you can walk into any gallery or paintings store to find what you need, these days you can find a greater range, at lesser price through online stores too. The greatest advantage of buying online is that you can chose from a wider variety with making much efforts, without having to walk out of your house, just with a few clicks of mouse.

    Gallerist has a collection of more than 4,000 original paintings & drawings, created & exhibited by 1000 artists worldwide.

    If you are looking for an original painting signed by an artist, is the right place to buy from. Paintings exhibited on Gallerist are by artists, who are verified by Gallerist team to assure you the right quality & price.

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