Love, Secrets, and Magic: Amazing Reasons Why Vegans are Perfect in Bed

    Rumor has it, and rumor says that vegans are better at sex. Well, veganism is more than just a diet to vegans. It is a philosophical lifestyle of their choice. A person that are vegan doesn’t eat or use anything that comes from animals. Some people choose veganism for reasons that involves environmental factors, animal rights or just for better health.

    However, people says that vegans are perfect for sex because of their diet. Yes, the food a person eats affects in keeping their libido low or high. Usually, vegan men give are better in giving pleasures to their partners.

    Instead of having bacon and eggs for breakfast, vegans choose to eat whole-grain foods or oats that help in boosting the testosterone in the bloodstream. Also, instead of taking Viagra, OMGBrah products or any male enhancement pills, vegans like the natural way which is healthy eating. Also, vegan diets also increase the libido and make the penis erect longer during lovemaking.

    A vegan diet isn’t only beneficial for men but women as well. Since women also have traces of testosterone within their bodies, having whole-grains will make the testosterone level in their body optimal.

    Here are some of the amazing reasons that make vegans better in bed:

    Increase Blood Flow

    Checking Blood Pressure

    Going vegan is like running a plumbing and drain service through the arteries. Diets involving any animal products and fats restricts blood flow by tightening the arteries. It will also pump the body full of antibiotics and synthetic hormones.

    Narrowing the arteries means a reduction in blood flow. Due to the issue, there is a need for sufficient blood flow to the areas that needs to work well for men to enjoy and perform well. It also applies to women since having a sufficient blood flow helps in orgasms and sexual arousal.

    The animal products can also distribute synthetic hormones that can mess up the body’s balance. Also, for men, it can lower the sperm count that can the heighten risks of any testicular tumors. And tumors can be a negative one to kill the mood.

    Additionally, vegan diets also lead to excess loss of weight that makes a person sexier. Also, it enables men to perform well in athletic position plus the increase in the member’s length without the additional fat.

    Going plant-based makes a person feel happier

    Vegetarian Food

    Let’s narrow it down to the things that matters, happy people are more likely to have sex. So, going vegan is an excellent way to stay happy.

    Abandoning meat and fully embracing a plant-based diet, will naturally increase the serotonin levels. It means that it will make a person happier and it can increase their desires to do some sexy activities under the sheets.

    Being happier will not only attract the opposite sex, but it can also increase in creating a happy mood that can benefit both parties.

    To Achieve Smooth and Silky Skin


    It makes a person comfortable especially if their skin is bright and smooth. It can also be a big impact to boost their sex drive in between the sheets. If a person is self-conscious about their skin, they are less confident during sex. Following a vegan diet will not only make a person happy, but it will also make them look better than the average.

    Completely changing the diet and just eating plant-based meals will improve the skin and brightness of the eyes. It will make a person extremely irresistible. A vegan diet can help a person achieve a glowing silky-smooth skin. An increased intake of Vitamin C and antioxidant which are essential for collagen metabolism that increases the elasticity of the skin are in vegetable and fruits.

    It also means that with increased intake of vitamin C, the skin will have fewer wrinkles and the eyes will be more sparkly than they are in the past years. It is best for people to focus on eating vegetables and fruits that are high in vitamin C and antioxidants to halt the effects of anti-inflammatory agents and free radicals.

    Helps in Improving Male Performance


    Erectile dysfunction is a wide problem for most people that are from the west. And a lot of people believed that it is due to their diet. Eating red meat on a regular basis does not only damage the environment, but it also adds harm to a person’s sexual prowess. Meats carry high quantities of saturated fats that cause less blood flow to the penis and intensify blood pressure. In short, red meat is a great cause for impotence.

    Yes, Viagra, OMGBrah products or other male enhancement pills can help. However, it is not a permanent solution. The aid will only be temporary, and some men say it doesn’t affect at all. Worse come to worse, erectile dysfunction can cause heart disease.

    So if there is an existing problem with the member, men should take the time to visit the doctor. But for men that don’t face any problem, switching to a vegan diet can help in preventing erectile dysfunction. It will make the performance better.

    Better Tasting Bodily Fluids and Fresher Body Odor

    Stress Free

    Adopting the vegan diet can make a person smell and taste better. It is a serious asset inside the bedroom. Since intaking plant-based foods means consuming less acidic foods. It leads to having more alkaline chemistry in the body and makes a person taste sweet.

    Vegan diets are high in fruits and vegetables that lead to a pleasant and fresh body as conflicting the foul odors that animal-based diet creates. Smelling fresh and tasting sweet are huge benefits when adopting a vegan diet.

    Increase Natural Lubrication

    Fruits-Pomegranate and OrangePlant-based foods are natural in increasing lubrication for women. Since fruits and vegetables have high water volume that makes the body hydrated. Cantaloupe, watermelon and cucumbers are big helps in keeping the skin hydrated, give a radiant glow and lump out any line lines.

    Also, foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids like raw pumpkin, sunflower seeds, and salmon helps in nourishing and tonifying a woman that suffers vaginal dryness. Having an increase in lubrication can save time trying to reach out for the lube while in the middle of lovemaking. 

    Boost Energy

    Women HealthCouples needs to increase their energy naturally to last longer under the sheets. Because of high intake of fruits in a vegan diet, the sustainable energy provided is higher. It also helps in avoiding sugar crash that are usually present in processed sugar.

    Eating banana that is high in potassium, helps because potassium is the nutrient that boosts energy and aids in sex-hormone production. Among the energy boosting foods, nuts are part of the vegan diet which are aphrodisiacs.

    Increase Libido

    Breakfast on bed

    It is common to hear that there is particular food that acts as aphrodisiacs. There are a lot of vegan foods that are rich in B vitamins and zinc, which also helps in increasing testosterone and desire.

    However, besides from the healthy factors that veganism can offer like increased in stamina, smooth skin, weight loss and pleasant smell. It also contributes to increasing libido. Another thing that’s sexy about cruelty-free food is it boosts the libido which offers hotness.

    Shedding weight can make your sex life great

    There are numerous strong reasons that people with extra pounds must lose weight, but people are not familiar that obesity can most likely affect the performance in bed.

    Being overweight can cause various disease. It can lead to erectile dysfunction, infertility, hormonal imbalance and can also develop any obesity-related disease that might affect the sex life. Also, it is possible that a person can have self-esteem issues, low stamina and few sexual positions available because they are on the heavy side.

    I did not notice any special side effects of Viagra, only slight redness of the face after taking, a slight runny nose. There is no headache at all. I’m going to take regularly before sex.

    Embracing vegan diet helps in removing the processed junk inside the body. Also, it concentrates the vegetables that help in trimming the weight. The best thing about this diet is that it makes a person full and still can eat good stuff without feeling guilty and gaining weight.


    To sum it all up, embracing and religiously following the vegan diet can give a lot of benefits in bedroom activities. Also, it can affect the physical and emotional state of a person. Increasing the energy, having a smooth skin, etc are some of the few positive benefits that a vegan diet can offer a person. For a longer, harder and stronger bedroom activities, switch to vegan diet.

    Harry Beckett
    Harry Beckett
    Harry Beckett is a budding writer, vegetarian and yoga teacher. Before switching to writing, Harry was a guitarist for a local band in Ohio. His love for music didn’t stop him from pursuing his passion for writing. During his free time, Harry goes fishing with his friends. Also on weekends, he teaches yoga.

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