Tips when choosing cabinet paint colors

    First and foremost, let the style of the kitchen be your guide. Generally, the traditional kitchen uses classic kitchen cabinet paint colors such as creams and whites – these usually look great on Shaker, Arts and Crafts, and classic-style kitchen cabinets. Light base tone allows you to experiment with pops of colors and contrast elsewhere in the kitchen, such as appliances, hardware, and countertops.

    Cabinets take up a large portion of your kitchen’s space, which means that they’re easily the most noticeable in the room. The mere fact that it stands out means that people should know how they can improve the looks of their cabinetry and the kitchen as a whole, especially since nobody wants anything to standout because it wasn’t attended to.

    One tip homeowners can try is painting their cabinets with colors in contrast with the rest of their kitchen. If your kitchen has a light design, then you can opt for a black cabinet.

    You can also try showing off your artistry by using two or more colors on your cabinet. You can try using one bold color alongside one neutral one for your cabinetry. Some two-color combinations you might find useful are green and blue, white and yellow, white and gray, yellow and gray, and white and black.

    One way to choose a color that might be easily overlooked is by painting according to your kitchen’s size. If your kitchen is small or under-lit, then you should paint your cabinet with lighter colors, while darker colors are great for bigger kitchens.

    For the kitchen of your dreams to come true, different elements must be considered to get the most out of your space – choosing the color of your kitchen cabinets being one. As one of the best elements to start with, choosing the color of cabinets will have an impact on the look and feel of the whole kitchen.

    On the other hand, bright colors and contrasting tones are more common on contemporary or modern designs – vibrant reds, gentle greens, and even fluorescent yellows show up in a lot of modern kitchen cabinet designs, particularly in retro-style kitchens.

    Choosing a color for the kitchen cabinet may seem simple, but it can more complicated than you think. To furtherhelp you in choosing the right cabinet colors for your kitchen, here are a few useful tips from Kitchen Cabinet Refacing.

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