Why you should consider health coverage, and what options do you have?

    The search for affordable healthcare becomes tricky when one encounters the plethora of options available.

    It is difficult to calculate the differences in coverage due to the ambiguity around the subject, and you end up with your resolve in shambles because of how hard it gets to shop around.

    According to NPAF (National Patient Advocate Foundation), looking for the perfect health insurance is an essential step in finding affordable healthcare. Since saving money on the plan is the primary goal, here is a list of dos and don’ts about choosing the right health coverage and the availability of options. We hope that by the end of this read, you will develop clarity about what would be the right choice for you.

    How to choose the best healthcare plan?

    If you are trying to figure out which potential health insurance plans/options would work best for you, you must have a sound understanding of the terms and meanings stated on the policy.

    Once you have the primary knowledge needed to take a decision of this magnitude, then there are a few other key areas that require your attention. We have shortlisted seven key factors that need consideration before you make the final choice.

    Your doctor and specialists

    Some healthcare plans ask you to use their network of medical professionals. If you are satisfied with your current physician and wish to continue to see them, then remember to check whether your doctor is included in the plan that is under your consideration.

    If you wish to switch to a new doctor under the insurance panel, consider to search their credentials online and read reviews about their services. Remember to check the availability and location before choosing a new doctor.

    Similarly, if you have a specific medical condition that requires the help of specialists, find out if your healthcare plan supports it or not.  Certain health coverage providers ask for referrals before seeking specialist attention. If you already have a specialist, check if they will be accepted. Your healthcare provider’s terms and conditions should be stated clearly, for the assistance you may view USHealth Group.

    Emergency care and waiting periods

    You need to find out which of the emergency rooms and hospitals are covered by your health care plan. While you are reading about emergency rooms, make sure that you understand what constitutes an emergency in terms of your healthcare provider. Check to see if a primary care physician needs to be contacted before getting to emergency care.

    Confusion can arise when choosing the health care plan because in your hustle to get everything sorted; you may forget to get a confirmation about how pre-existing conditions would be covered. Whether there are waiting periods that impact current care is a question that needs to be answered beforehand.

    Screenings and physical exams

    If you like frequent health screenings and physicals, find out which of the things are covered under preventive care and wellness plans. Look for the limitations imposed on pediatric care and immunizations for your children.

    Drug coverage

    If you are currently using prescription drugs regularly or think that you may need them shortly, then remember to check the details of prescription drug coverage. Policies differ from company to company, which is why we suggest our readers take a double check in this regard.


    Women mostly have an obstetrician/gynecologist of choice that they wish to see due to the intimacy of the situation. Finding out about your doctor’s coverage in the program is a critical consideration. Remember to look for the availability of fertility treatments and coverage. The same principle of curiosity applies to pregnancy coverage. Ask about the out-of-pocket payments for pregnancy and birth care.

    Additional services and care

    Your comparison of health plans must consider a few significant other services. Things like mental health care and counseling, alcohol and drug rehabilitation, nursing home care, experimental treatments, hospice, alternative treatments, home health care, and chiropractic care are all essential elements for your healthcare plan.

    Keep in mind that the policies for long-term care and critical illness must be considered while evaluating the health insurance options. Supplemental health insurance is often forgotten but is the ultimate support when things go down the wrong path.

    Individuals with an HSA or FSA can look for the benefits of high deductible health insurance plans.

    Total costs and exclusions

    Don’t skip out on finding all the details about the deductibles that you will pay before the policy takes over. Learn about the percentage that the health care provider would pay after your deductibles and also the percentage they will say when you use a doctor, service, emergency room, or hospital that is out of their network.

    These are the fees that would fall into your pocket if you are delinquent about being aware beforehand. You need to know the limits because some plans offer lifetime limits on the percentage to be paid by the plan, and others have yearly limitations along with the lifetime limits. Beware of all the hidden details before you sign the documents.

    The last thing to be considered is the list of exclusions. You will need to look for the exclusion list for each plan to figure out what is not covered, so you don’t have to go through surprises post-selection of your health insurance.

    Final Thoughts

    Your health plays an integral role in the quality of life that you enjoy. To live life to the fullest, it is a cognizant understanding that you need to remain healthy. Saving a few dollars to compromise on your healthcare plan is not worth the price. Which is why we want you to be aware of all the considerations before you choose a plan. Remember to know everything and be articulate in your concerns.

    Health is wealth, after all.

    Alycia Gordan
    Alycia Gordan
    Alycia Gordan is a freelance writer who loves to read and write articles on healthcare technology, fitness and lifestyle. She is a tech junkie and divides her time between travel and writing.

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