6 Aspects need your attention while choosing the best roof colour

    When planning for re-roofing your home or installing a roof for your new abode, you should invest your time in research. After all, your roof is merely not to enhance your home’s aesthetic but to keep you safe from harmful elements. One of the most vital factors to consider for this project is the colour of your roof.

    Sounds daunting? Well, after reading the whole blog, picking the right colour for your roof will be like a cakewalk for you. Here, we’ve shared six aspects that need your attention while choosing the best roof colour. Also, we’ve shared the colours that are going to trend in 2021. So, stay tuned!

    6 Factors to Keep in Mind While Choosing the Roof Colour:

    1. Roofing material

    The foremost aspect you should bear in mind while selecting the best colour for your roof is its material. If you’ve asphalt shingles or metal roofing, then you’ll have a bunch of options to choose from as they’re available in virtually any shades.

    Moreover, materials with natural colours have limited shades, and thus you might have fewer choices for consideration. You can count on the roofing companies to select the best colour for your roof based on its material.

    2. Home’s architecture

    For choosing the colour for your roof, you need to make sure it compliments your home’s architecture and style. Most designs directly don’t dictate the colour options, but they can influence your choices. For example, the Spanish mission-style houses look lofty and vintage in red and red-orange roofs. However, the same terracotta roof might conflict with a smooth and contemporary home.

    Also, look into your abode’s exterior colour palette. It should harmonise with your roof’s colour. If you aren’t sure about the combinations, then Google and YouTube are the best resources for your aid.

    3. The local climate

    While picking up the colour for your roof, you shouldn’t be overlooking the main element, and that is the local climate. The roof’s colour can make a massive impact on your attic’s temperature. Believe it or not, this, in turn, will make an enormous difference in your heating and cooling expenses.

    Shingles that are light in colour like tan, white, and light grey can keep your home cool in summer. Contrarily, dark-coloured roofs such as dark blue and greens will render heat during winter.

    4. Home’s interior shades

    Apart from exterior components, also keep in mind your home’s interior shades. After all, every homeowner wants to keep the abode’s appearance unified. Therefore, while selecting shades for your roof, think about the hues present in your home.

    You can imitate the colour mood displayed in your living room. This small consideration can change the whole look of your home, making it eye-pleasing.

    5. Consider your surroundings

    You may want a unique shade and, at the same time, escalate your property value. Therefore, you must take your surroundings into account as well. You can take a walk on the street and look at the colour palettes of your neighbour’s home.

    If you’re living in a rural area, try to select some earth like tones such as yellow or brown-red. If you’re staying amidst business centres or modern structures, then you can include silver or black with unusual strokes. On the other hand, people living in coastal homes can adopt the oceanic theme by opting for sea blue or turquoise colour.

    6. Availability of colours

    Though mentioned in the end, it is a significant aspect to consider while choosing theshade of your roof. The roofing company you’re choosing may not have access to every hue on the colour rainbow. Furthermore, the colour palettes available should complement your architecture’s style and design.

    There’s an alternative to it! In such scenarios, you can look for bare metal roofing sheets. They come in various shades that make them stand out from every other option.

    Here were the vital aspects which you should keep in mind while selecting the right colour for your roof. If you’re planning to take up this project in the forthcoming months, then we’ve also jotted down the trending colours for 2021. So, have a look:

    The Best Roof Colour Combinations to Trend in 2021:

    • If the shade of your home is red, then you should go for a darker palette roof colour. The shades that would trend in the upcoming year are black, dark brown, dark green, and dark grey.
    • Homeowners whose house is of primary colours like white, then green, blue, red, black, and grey shades will look nice. Additionally, add some pops of colours on the doors or shutters to tie them all together.
    • Nowadays, grey shade is raging for walls; if your house colour is also of that hue, then consider white, dark green, blue, or black colour for your roof.
    • Houses with brown hues have a variety of options for its roof. It includes blue, green, black, charcoal, and dark grey.
    • Light beige and tan coloured homes can make brown as roof’s ideal shade. Even, darker version of green and blue will look beautiful.

    Visualise in Reality!

    Whichever colour you choose, think of it like putting an outfit together. You can visualise the colour combination in your mind and make a valuable decision considering the above aspects. Creating contrast is a key for boosting your abode’s appeal and making shades stand out. Also, take recommendations from the roofing company as that will lessen down your choices.

    Last but not least, to keep on the aesthetic look of your home, you should take care of your roof by cleaning them with an eye for detail. If you can’t maintain your roof, then call a dedicated professional for the same.

    Olivia Robinson
    Olivia Robinson
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