Debunking 5 common metal roofing myths

    A metal roof is a roofing system that is made from metal materials or tiles characterized by its high resistance, durability, and longevity. It has started to be introduced to the public way back in the Before Christ era, where copper has played a significant role throughout the years up until medieval architecture began.

    Although metal roofing existed a long time ago, it is still gaining a lot of attention in the residential sector up until now. However, despite its popularity, there are still a lot of misconceptions about the problems of metal roofs. And that is what prevents homeowners from replacing their roofs with metal.

    However, another reason why homeowners are not that keen to buy metal roofs is because of some false rumors.

    Homeowners are well aware of the myths about metal roofs. Such as, “metal roofs attract lightning” or “metal roofs heat up your house.” It has been a top gossip in the residential area that these folk tales averted homeowners from buying metal roofs for their house. But if you just consider the material to be replaced on your previous brick roof, it will help you to be armed with accurate facts instead of being blind with a retold story. That is obviously not proven and tested.

    If you would like to try metal roofing, then that is good news. Nevertheless, if these fables and mix-up understanding are stopping you, then there must be some serious action to do. Perhaps it is time to debunk that misinformation, flush it down the toilet, and know the truth. Having a piece of knowledge with metal roofing will only help you and your family big time.

    In case you wanted to learn more about the absolute certainty about metal roofing, then Fahey Roofing Contractors are here for you. Down below is an informative infographic created and designed by Fahey Roofing Contractors themselves. Read it to learn more:

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    Joshua Fahey
    Joshua Fahey
    Joshua Fahey is the owner of Fahey Roofing Contractors. He started from the ground up as laborer, Installer, leader and eventually started his own business. Joshua saw a lot of opportunity for a quality contractor with a hard work ethic. It’s now been 10 years from starting in an old, rusty, single cab, ford truck with 1 employee. Now leading the pack and striving to be the best contractor he is building exceptional team players who are motivated and always looking for the next challenge!

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