How long does it take to replace a commercial roof?

    Installing a commercial roof is not cheap. It costs a lot of time and money to fix and replace a commercial roof because commercial structures are complex than residential ones.

    If the roof of your office or warehouse needs repair and you are planning to get a new roof, there here are a few things you should know about commercial roofing before initiating the project:


    Nowadays, no two buildings are made alike. There are various factors to consider when taking up a roof repair project.

    The more area a building covers and the more different its roof style will be. Depending on the roof’s dimension, the time required to finish the project may increase or decrease.

    Moreover, there are various types of material for the roof. Each one has different styles of application, and even different expertise is required to undertake a project. Other details like vents, pipes, and other things also add to the project’s complexities.

    Some of the most common commercial roofing structures are:

    • Single-ply roofing, which is the most common material, requires a sheet to be rolled across the roof and glued to it. Repairing such a roof is easy and does not take up much time.
    • Standing seam roofing (metal) is more time-consuming because a lot of precision and measurement are required. If the contractor does not stick sealant correctly over metal panels, it will all go to waste. However, this style of roofing can live up to 75 years.
    • Built-up roofing involves insulated material, cover, ply sheet, and a top coating. All these layers add an excellent foundation but take up more time during repair or installation.
    • Sloping roofs are similar to residential structures, where you need to put materials like wood, glass, asphalt, stone, tile, or slates.

    Roof Restoration or Replacement?

    In general, a roof repair project takes between two to three weeks to complete. On average, restoring a roof is a faster process than replacing it.

    Restoration requires you to fix the damage on your roof by installing a coat to extend its life. Roof restoration gives you a new roof at a much lesser price.

    Roof replacement, on the other hand, is a process where you build a completely new roof after getting rid of the old one.

    Sometimes you are not so lucky to choose between restoration and replacement because the roof is damaged due to poor maintenance or a natural disaster and needs replacement.

    Roof replacement takes longer because it encompasses two jobs in one project. The team has to demolish the older structure and build a new roof on top. Here is why roof replacement is more time-consuming:

    1. More labor is needed to demolish the roof and remove the debris.
    2. Contractors apply temporary waterproofing to secure the building from weather changes during construction. Every day, the team will spend at least 2 hours to put and remove temporary waterproofing to a roof.
    3. Some projects need heavy machinery to tear-off the old roof. Ground-level projects are easier, but in roof repair, the machines need to be on site. The height adds to the time and complications.

    Roof restoration is more time-efficient and secure than a full replacement. However, some business owners doubt the durability of roof restoration because of the shorter time.

    In no way is restoration any less secured than replacement because the professionals will seal all leaks and reinforce any loose joints. A reflective topcoat also makes the roof more energy efficient.

    How to find a repair company?

    How long the project will take also depends on the expertise of the labor involved. Skilled professionals will take a lot less time than the amateurs because they have undertaken similar projects in the past.

    Therefore, it is essential to find a contractor who has experience in commercial roof repairs. The internet is the best place to find a professional roofing company and compare the prices quoted by various companies.

    Simply go to Google or Bing and enter your query along with your location. For example: if you are in Gainesville, Texas, you can search commercial roofing Gainesville Texas. The search results will show the list of roofing companies in your area.

    You can visit these companies’ websites to check their credentials and see the project they have completed in the past. The website contains phone numbers, email addresses, and all details you need to know before handing over your project.

    You can also visit the company’s office and discuss the project and the estimated cost with the sales representatives.

    Last word

    After your roof repairs are completed, a critical phase begins. Post-repair, the roof needs special care from building owners. The roof also requires constant inspection and tests to see if it is holding up well. In many cases, this entire process takes at least two to three weeks.

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