Am I Eligible for LASIK Surgery in India?

    The success of the laser in-situ keratomileusis or LASIK surgery largely depends on the eligibility criteria of the candidate. To lower the risk of possible risks and complications, factors such as age, eye health, and vision prescription play a crucial role. Here is a good starting point to determine your candidature for LASIK surgery.

    Who should consider LASIK Surgery?

    Not everyone who has a blurry vision can undergo laser eye treatment. There are some eligibility criteria that the patients need to complete in order to consider LASIK surgery. The ideal candidates for LASIK surgery are people who fit into most of the following factors-

    1. Having healthy eyes

    During the consultation, the first thing that the doctor checks is whether you have any eye problem or not. This is to make sure that the eye problem doesn’t delay the healing of the eye post-surgery. Some of the eye problems that doctor’s check include conjunctivitis, severe dry eye syndrome, infection or any injury to the eye.

    2. The cornea must be sufficiently thick

    A condition such as a keratoconus in which the cornea is extremely thin can make the eye surface irregular and misshapen. As LASIK surgery is a type of refractive surgery in which the doctor reshapes the cornea, it is important to have sufficient thickness or else it can affect the results and not cure the blurry vision.

    However, with advancements in the techniques of LASIK surgery, people with too thin cornea can now consider the option. The femtosecond laser is one of the newest innovations that allow surgeons to reshape the cornea by making a thinner flat and thereby, preserving more corneal tissue.

    3. The pupils are of the correct size

    People looking to undergo the LASIK surgery should have pupils that are neither too big nor too small. For instance, if the pupils are larger than usual, they can make the side effects such as glares, halos, etc. more noticeable.

    4. Prescription is within certain limits

    The United States Food and Drugs Administration has approved the following prescription range for undergoing Laser eye surgery.

    -up to +6.00 diopters of hyperopia,

    -up to -12.00 diopters of nearsightedness
    -up to 6 diopters of cylinder/astigmatism

    Doctors claim that if a person with extreme refractive errors undergoes the surgery, the results become less predictable and it may not even cure the problem. The vision continues to stay blurry and the risk of side effects remains high.

    5. Must be 18 years of age

    Some particular types of LASIK procedure demand the patient be 18 years and very few require the candidate to be of 21 years of age. By the age of 18, the changes inside the eye stabilize. Therefore, the results of the surgery remain so on a permanent basis. There is no upper age limit on laser eye surgery. The refractive errors need to be stable for at least 12 months prior to the LASIK or other refractive procedures.

    5. Is absolutely healthy

    The patient should not be suffering from any underlying medical condition. Or else, the disease can incur obstacles in the recovery of the eye and even make the side effects worse.

    6. Keeping realistic expectations

    The primary benefit of laser eye surgery is that it ensures the most-effective results. A person who has undergone laser eye treatment once doesn’t have to go for another for a very long time. Therefore, it has become the most preferred one over the last couple of years. Even though the results are promising, the possibility of any major side effects occurring should be taken into account. Be aware of the possible side effects, risks, and complications that can occur so that you can reach a decision. 

    Who should not consider LASIK Surgery?

    The following candidates are not ideal candidates for LASIK surgery.

    1. Person below 18 years of age

    The eye goes through several changes every year before an individual reaches 18 years of age. Their prescription also changes accordingly.  Therefore, it is important to wait until you are 18 years to ensure the results are long-lasting and effective.

    2. Suffering from some health condition

    People suffering from degenerative conditions or uncontrolled autoimmune diseases such as Sjogren’s syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, type 1 diabetes and AIDS do not benefit much from the LASIK surgery.

    3. Pregnancy

    Pregnant women or women who are lactating should wait for LASIK surgery. During pregnancy, there is a release of certain hormones that makes the eyes dry and affect the eyesight. In addition to this, the laser beam can put the fetus or the baby in harm’s way.

    4. Suffering from dry eyes

    Patients suffering from dry eyes are not ideal candidates for LASIK eye surgery. Such people should reconsider their decision.

    Am I a good candidate for LASIK Surgery?

    As you can see, a lot of factors need to be considered while determining if it’s suitable for an individual to undergo LASIK surgery or not. The only sure-shot way of ensuring whether you are a good candidate for the surgery is through a consultation with an experienced eye surgeon. Therefore, research thoroughly regarding the ophthalmologist as well as the clinic in order to make an informed decision.

    There are several eye clinics in India where you can consult with well-experienced ophthalmologists. The doctor determines the need for LASIK surgery after making a thorough analysis of the eyes, the lifestyle you lead, and the health condition of the eye. In case the doctor pushes into you undergoing the surgery repeatedly or without any consultation, then it’s best that you find yourself another eye surgeon.


    LASIK surgery is not suitable for all individuals. The doctor is the right person to take advice from as far as the need for LASIK surgery is concerned. In case you are unable to get in hold of a good ophthalmologist, there are some precursors that can help you in deciding the eligibility. In case of any query you might be having related to LASIK surgery, talk with your nearest eye doctor without any delay.

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